EP: Earnest Hearty – Hearty Vibes Vol 1 [Download Mp3]

Earnest Hearty - Hearty Vibes Vol 1 [Download Mp3]

Earnest Hearty, An African Pop Recording and Performing Artiste who has been on the low with his records while spinning rounds in culturing his unique sound has deem it fit and ready to present his sound to the outside space while he also beckons on growth. His decision being optimistic to positive reviews has made him drop his debut project – Hearty Vibes Vol 1.

If You Haven’t yet – Do Stream & Download Hearty Vibes Vol 1 by Earnest Hearty.

Free Download [For IPhone Users Use Xender To Download]

  1. Earnest Hearty – Ok My Love [Download Mp3]
  2. Earnest Hearty – Magic [Download Mp3]
  3. Earnest Hearty – Story [Download Mp3]
  4. Earnest Hearty – Your Eyes feat Oso D [Download Mp3]
  5. Earnest Hearty – Money feat Mydaz [Download Mp3]
  6. Earnest Hearty – Oye feat XB [Download Mp3]

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Overview – The Evolution Of Sound in different genres has overtime become a norm and this is some definition of growth as traditional rural sounds are evolved for the listening pleasure of the Urban reach.

Request – If you downloaded this song please do leave a review, air your thoughts about this song on the comment section. 
This is to enable the Artiste to grow and correct his / her errors in due time. 

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Released – August 2020
Songwriting Credit – Earnest Hearty and Featured Artistes.
Production Credit – Fdbeats and lots more.


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