Features: Splendor ‘Steven Alexander’ – Producer, Engineer & Entertainer (Read Details)

Steven Alexander Splendour - Producer, Engineer & Entertainer (Read Details)

My name is Steven Alexander, a Rapper, Song writer and a Music Producer/Engineer and I’m popularly know as Splendor, with the signature I_C_U_SPLENDOR.

I base in Edo State (Benin City) and sometimes in Lagos (Island), and my recording studio is in Benin City.

I deal in all kinds of studio related projects, from recording of demo tracks, mixing and mastering, recording of jingles and beat production.

I also help in directing, building, and developing the skills of artists and also help in directing their songs in order to have a standard project.

Contact me On

WhatsApp +2348039573155

Instagram @stevensplendor

Twitter – @stevensplendor

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