From Afrobeats To Energy Drinks Adesope Olajide ‘Shopsy Doo’, Expands His Business Ventures

Shopsy Doo Unveils Energygwad Energy Drink Brand

Adesope Olajide, popularly known in the entertainment industry as Shopsy dookicks off a new business venture, EnergyGwad, an energy drink brand.

Adesope Olajide

Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, Adesope moved to the UK in 2002 after completing his university education at the University of Ado Ekiti. He has had a successful media career, working across various platforms including Voice of Africa Radio London, Factory 78 TV Network, Nollywood Movies Sky 329, Ben Television Sports Show, and The Beat London 103.6FM. He also hosts the popular Afrobeats Podcast, where he has interviewed many African music exports.

Adesope, who is known for his energetic stage performances and energetic personality, said that he wanted to explore various business angles, and with his love for energy drinks, he saw the opportunity to combine his passion for the drinks, his notoriety in African pop culture, and his drive for the development of his people and industry.

“I felt it was time for the players in the culture to start taking advantage of the success of the music and pop culture as a whole,” said Adesope. “We can make the money and invest in the growth of our people and culture rather than just having brands use us for adverts and take all the proceeds.”

Having secured endorsements with Afrobeats superstars Davido and Wizkid, Shopsy doo is optimistic about the future of EnergyGwad. He plans to start distribution in the UK and spread across Africa and Europe.

“People already ask me where I get my energy from,” said Adesope. “I enjoy energy drinks regularly, so it only makes sense to combine my love for these drinks, my notoriety in African pop culture, and passion for the development of my people and industry on this journey. And here we are.”

Adesope hopes that his latest business venture will encourage other entertainment stakeholders to expand their individual brands and identities through entrepreneurship.

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