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Aya Nakamura Unveils Highly Anticipated New Single “42” [Listen Now]

    Aya Nakamura Unveils Highly Anticipated New Single “42” [Listen Now]


    Aya Nakamura is poised to make a significant impact this summer with the release of her new single “42,” a track her fans have been eagerly awaiting for the past three months. The song is now available for listening on All Platforms.

    Aya Nakamura Unveils Highly Anticipated New Single "42"

    Amidst rumors of her performing at the 2024 Paris Olympics opening ceremony, where she is expected to sing Edith Piaf’s iconic “La vie en rose,” Aya Nakamura continues to stay at the forefront of the music scene. She might share the stage with renowned artists like Céline Dion and Cerrone, who is the first confirmed performer for the globally anticipated event.

    Currently, Aya Nakamura is riding high with her hit “Si si,” a collaboration with DJ Leska and Spanish rapper Morad, following her earlier release of “Doggy.” Additionally, she will soon join the Netflix show “Nouvelle école” as a new judge alongside SDM and SCH, starting July 4.

    Aya Nakamura, the most globally streamed French artist, continues to captivate her audience with her vibrant performances and new releases. Her fans’ excitement reached new heights after she teased “42” during a behind-the-scenes look at her creative process in a Lancôme portrait titled “Haut Niveau,” where she shared her passion for music and the collaborative spirit in the studio. As she said, “Music is my DNA,” and her goal remains to create hits like her famous “Djadja” with the help of her collaborators Max & Seny, Seysey, and Starow.

    With “42,” Aya Nakamura promises to keep France dancing and her fans thrilled all summer long.

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