Exposure nur dey full belle, stop working for free – StarGirl Elile Favour [See Details]

&Quot;Exposure Nur Dey Full Belle, Stop Working For Free&Quot; - Stargirl Elile Favour [See Details] | Critic Circle
Elile Favour

The Creative Space has always been a fixated chapter exercise where value is easily abused at the slightest opportunity and this really does not go down well with Popular MC, Host and Stargirl popularly known as Elile Favour (Vibes Baby) who took to her social media to share some insights on value and why creative should not work for free as in her saying “Exposure nor dey full Belle”

&Quot;Exposure Nur Dey Full Belle, Stop Working For Free&Quot; - Stargirl Elile Favour | Critic Circle
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If nothing, your time shouldn’t be for free. Knowledge is time is power is money. Don’t play! Hunger go still wipe you regardless and if they tell you it’s for exposure, trust me, it never really is. Y’all just like to hear that.

I’ve worked for free and I’ve worked for a pay and trust me, they value you more when they pay you because they know their money is on the line. They have something to lose. Work on your job pitch and even when you are the one applying, they’ll be too impressed to suggest your working for free. I’ve worked at an event for free one time and when the organiser was giving his vote of thanks, he thanked the other big hosts who were paid but forgot me who actually did the most difficult part of the work. You might think there’s no big deal in not acknowledging me but that’s the thing, you value the time and energy/work people give more when you give back something in return.

Of all the event organisers I’ve worked with for free, only two have called me back to work with me again and paid me after. You think it’s because I didn’t do well? I don’t know about you but I’m damn good at everything I do so I’m certain I did well but the plain truth there is that I wasn’t called back because I worked for free hence, too needy/desperate and when they eventually have that money to pay a host, they want someone with “class” and exposure, in the mud almost always. See? I for just dey house instead of spending my own money on an outfit, make-up, hair plus other things and get practically nothing from these events.

Now, if you’re just starting, you almost have no choice than to work for free in a lot of cases to get good content for your page/portfolio except you’re really lucky because in my line of work, words of the mouth don’t cut it. You need to have proof so most times you take what you can get to get what you really need, good videos and pictures (proof) showing you can actually do this plus it’s real cool when you can name a couple of past works you’ve done but know when to stop. Put some worth on yourself. Market yourself properly. I did modelling for a while🤡😂 and one thing our instructor used to tell us about selling products for brands is that it isn’t just about walking on the runway, it’s about walking in a way that really fixates the eyes of your audience not just on you or your walk but every single detail on you. Only then will they be interested in whatever it is you’re selling and you aren’t even talking! Now, imagine walking the walk and talking the talk- knowing yourself and proving that you know yourself and what you have to offer. You won’t always be successful especially if you’re working with Benin event planners😂😅 but yeah, there’ll be a huge difference.

It doesn’t have to be a huge pay but even you will find more joy in a small pay for starters than nothing at all.

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&Quot;Exposure Nur Dey Full Belle, Stop Working For Free&Quot; - Stargirl Elile Favour [See Details] | Critic Circle

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