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K Drama Series: Money Flower (Season 1 Complete) [Download Movie]

    K Drama Series: Money Flower (Season 1 Complete) [Download Movie]

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    Money Flower (K Drama Series)

    Money Flower” tells the story of people who are driven by greed.

    Kang Pil-Joo (Jang Hyuk) grew up at an orphanage, but he now works as a managing director of a legal team at a corporation. He is acknowledged for his intelligence and his exemplary job performance. Some of those that work around him are jealous of him.

    Na Mo-Hyun (Park Se-Young) is an environmental activist and a science teacher at a middle school. She is a good listener and laughs a lot. She dreams of a love driven by fate.


    Jang HyukPark Se-YoungJang Seung-JoLee Mi-SookLee Soon-Jae
    Kang Pil-JooNa Mo-HyunJang Boo-CheonJung Mal-RanJang Kook-Hwan
    Han So-HeeMoon Soo-BinSun Woo Jae DukShin Young-JinIm Kang-Sung
    Yoon Seo-WonJang Yeon-WooJang Sung-ManPark Sun-KyungJang Yeo-Cheon
    Money Flower (K Drama Series)
    Year – 2017
    This video is around 100MB

    Season 1

    K Drama Series: Money Flower (Season 1 Complete) [Download Movie]

    Source – Nkiri

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