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Magiq Unveils New Half-Mystery Identity And New Single, Sorry

    Magiq Unveils New Half-Mystery Identity And New Single, Sorry

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    Magiq Unveils New Half-Mystery Identity And New Single, Sorry

    Nigeria’s fast-rising Afro-fusion artist, Magiq, constantly striving to improve and evolve, has discovered a new interest in a more half-mystery identity.

    In an interview from his simple home studio, where he shared some of his unreleased songs. Magiq stated, “I am always looking for areas to make adjustments and improve, but at the same time, I appreciate where I am. I don’t want to change too much.” He shared some of his unreleased songs, yet to be released.

    When asked to describe himself, Magiq, Born Ebakivie Emmanuel Ogaga, shared that he is a singer, songwriter, musician and professional recording and performing artist. I am calm, happy, observant, and, of course, I love music.” He also shared teas on how music has played a role in his life, saving him from troubles and providing a connection to the world.

    Magiq is also known for his interest in redefining his artistic identity and giving it his unique touch. He shared that the inspiration for his new identity came from a local morning masquerade show on ITV and the creative skills of designer Martha Priye of House of Dziah.

    Magiq Unveils New Half-Mystery Identity in Interview

    Influenced by the realities of life, love, politics, relationships and growth, Magiq uses his music to express his thoughts and emotions in the desire to share them with the world through melodies and singing.

    Talking about his debut project, “Magiq and Melodies,” The singer opines that although the project was originally to introduce him as a singer and a songwriter, it was also his means of expressing emotions held up and needed an escape. From stories of love, Hope, Heartbreak and Sweetness, his project enjoyed the melodies of it all.

    He also stated that he is working on his new project, “Sabi Boy Magiq,” which will further demonstrate his growth and perspective as an artiste.

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    In addition, Magiq is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Sorry,” which will be available on Saturday, January 28th, 2023. The single delves into themes of social awakening, reminding people of their rights and the need to take action and make a change, highlighting the abuse of natural resources (crude oil) in his home country of Nigeria.

    Magiq is an exceptional artist whose music resonates with audiences everywhere. He is passionate about sharing his message through his art and is eager to continue doing so.

    Keep up with his latest developments by following him on social media (@iammagiq) to stay updated on his music.

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