Shinzu’s One Listen Review of Laycon’s Sophomore Album I Am Laycon [See More]

One listen reviews are what the name implies they are not necessarily true or false but are exactly the thoughts of the writer at that moment. So here’s Laycon‘s Sophomore Album, I Am Laycon

 Laycon'S Sophomore Album, I Am Laycon

I lost my father recently (just last week Saturday) and honestly almost every bit of music I’ve listened to just always seemed drab or lacking, I admit it probably was my emotions and shit fucking with me.

What’s also crazy is I haven’t penned a piece since July, I’ve lacked motivation, interest and it honestly crossed my mind that maybe my writing days are truly over but alas here we are, The it’s corny sir crooner has me penning a new piece.

My last review of Laycon’s project after his big brother stint was met with mixed reactions with many expecting that I’d have and maybe should have been harsher, some suggesting I probably was being too respectful and stuffs but if we are being honest I simply wrote my truth and with this new piece it honestly would be the same, my truth and nothing else.

Let’s get it!

Shinzu’s One listen review of I Am Laycon, The Sophomore Album offering from Laycon
 Laycon'S Sophomore Album, I Am Laycon
  1. Filthy Intro – The Instrumental immediately gets me, it’s different, it’s not Nigerian produced clearly (has zero elements of afro) honestly this feels just right, Laycon is in his element, this is his space, he’s in full control of his creative juices and he just splatters and blesses us with soundbars and bits of crisp storytelling. Shouts to the guest vocals on this they also play their part in making this sound beautiful. 9/10
  2. B.B.W – Laycon is back to his Nigerian/afro elements and while I think he’s better suited with actual hip-hop beats this isn’t exactly one of the worst songs on this project, it gets better, plus the bars are hard to ignore. 7/10
  3. Monrovia HF-531 – Screams Drake-type beat/music!! but honestly, this is a beauty, it’s my type of jam, reflective, deep, sprinkle of pride, ex-girls wey fuck up… Drake and emo drake fans alike would be proud. 10/10
  4. Selfish. – At first, I had a hard time wondering if this was Laycon at the beginning of this song turns out it is, makes a decent listen, a welcome spice to the tracklisting 7/10
  5. Drunk in love ft Soundz – Something about them instrumentals, they have me falling in love even before the song comes on, what I really love about this song is how Laycon shines and the featured act Soundz also shines, they complement each other pretty well and I’m glad it’s not a story of just the hook being pretty. 8/10
  6. Underrate – I don’t like this song, you know how I’ve been all hey them instrumentals have me falling in love even before the voices come one well it’s not the case here them trumpets have me really turned off nd flaccid and I don’t exactly like the song composition either. 5/10
  7. Ride – Ok, I dozed off for a bit, not because of the song, it’s 11:25 sleep’s naturally calling… Ride is a decent song, not exactly stand-out single material though but way above average and is totally fitting at the number 7 spot on the tracklist. 7/10
  8. Angry birds – “We came from love birds now we vultures” everything about this song lyrically, plus the fact that I can also confirm this was one of the songs laycon wrote after he came out of the BBNaija house, i can’t help but feel hey what if this is about Erica? 7/10
  9. Love and light – Well here’s Laycon delivering a different style, I don’t think Trap is his strong suit tho. 6/10
  10. Dues – The project closes with an afro tune, lyrically rich, melodically above average, makes a decent listen. 7/10
 Laycon'S Sophomore Album, I Am Laycon

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