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Action/Sci Fi: Code 8 [Download Full Movie]

    Action/Sci Fi: Code 8 [Download Full Movie]

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    Code 8 Full Movie

    Code 8 is a 2019 Canadian science fiction thriller drama film written and directed by Jeff Chan, about a man with superpowers who works with a group of criminals to raise money to help his sick mother. The film is a feature length version of the 2016 short film of the same name.


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    Reed, as his mother is dying, is desperate for money, more specifically, medical access. Reed is approached by a crime lord named Sutcliffe with money. Small jobs are completed without a hitch. Meanwhile, Reed meets Sutcliffe’s friend, Nia, a Healer and someone who can save Reed’s mother. As the day of big heist comes, the heist initially goes without a hitch, but some of Reed’s friends die as Sutcliffe double crosses them. Reed contacts Officer Park to get back at Sutcliffe. The cops and Reed raid Sutcliffe’s hideout. There, Reed learns Nia’s reason to refuse healing Reed’s mother. Healing ability comes with a price. The Healer takes injury every time they heal someone and Nia could die if she tries to heal Reed’s mother, given how ill Reed’s mother is. Reed forces Nia to go through with it, but finally releases Nia after he sees how painful the process is for her. As a result, Reed’s mother ultimately dies. Reed surrenders himself to the cops to atone for his crimes.



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