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Boujee Perfumery


If you made it to this page, first we would love to say thank you for your time right before we proceed.

There are multiple reasons and thoughts on how you made it here, either a friend shared a link you, stumbled on it on any of the social platforms or probably our best guess is you do love the idea of not just looking good but also smelling good.

This for one is the reason we decided to share this amazing and highly recommended brand, Boujee Perfumery to you.

Boujee Perfumery

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Boujee perfumery is a brand made of different perfumes with different mixtures of fragrant essential oils and top aroma compounds all fused in a bottle.

Our major aim is to make our customers smell good without even having to break a bank. Our perfumes doesn’t just give you a good fragrance. It enhances your mood, lifts your spirit and also boosts your confidence!

Our perfumes have different prices. They range as low as 5,500 to 15,000
Visit our Instagram page @boujee_scents to get a bottle of perfume !
You can also reach us on Whatsapp – 09021902862

Be unapologetically boujee !

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