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From Smartphone Snaps to Sensational Success – Omavisuals’ Photography Journey

    From Smartphone Snaps to Sensational Success – Omavisuals’ Photography Journey

    You can join and keep up with Omavisuals and Akwenuke Onome Mercy's work on social media with the handle, @Omavisuals

    Omavisuals Founder, Onome Mercy Akwenuke, Shares Her Inspirational Journey in Exclusive Interview with Critic Circle

    You can join and keep up with  Omavisuals and Akwenuke Onome Mercy's work on social media with the handle, @Omavisuals

    Onome Mercy Akwenuke, the visionary founder behind Omavisuals, recently opened up about her remarkable journey in a compelling interview conducted by Critic Circle. The conversation provided an intimate look into the life and career of this talented photographer and her aspirations for the future.

    Onome Mercy Akwenuke, a native of Delta state who spent her formative years in Ughelli, recounted how her fascination with photography began during her teenage years. Initially capturing images with her phone, it wasn’t until she entered university that a friend recognized her talent and encouraged her to turn her passion into a profession.

    Specializing in portrait, fashion, and events photography, Oma draws inspiration from influential creatives she admires on social media, such as Amazingklef, Tosin Junaid, and Kelechi Amadi Obi. Her journey from concept to final shot involves meticulous planning, with the creation of mood-boards and precise light setups to bring her vision to life.

    One striking aspect of her work is her passion for capturing genuine emotions in her subjects. She explained, “I love capturing people because it allows me to portray their emotions authentically. I aim to freeze those moments of happiness and capture genuine expressions, creating images that resonate with viewers.”

    Despite the challenges she has faced, including a lack of equipment and imposter syndrome, she persevered and overcame these hurdles through resilience and a commitment to constant improvement. She also emphasized the importance of getting the image right in-camera to minimize heavy post-processing, resulting in a clean and natural appearance.

    Through her photography, Akwenuke Onome Mercy hopes to convey positivity and hope, intending to bring smiles to anyone who encounters her images. Her future goals for Omavisuals include achieving global recognition and focusing on weddings and events in the years to come.

    In the interview, she shared her admiration for photographers like Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Davidurbanke, AmazingKlef, and Tosin Junaid, who have influenced her style. Additionally, she discussed her preferred photography equipment, highlighting the 85cm Godox softbox and the Canon 50mm lens as her go-to tools.

    She also touched on the unique challenges she faces as a female photographer, emphasizing the need for gender diversity in the photography community. She believes in actively advocating for equality in the industry and celebrating the success of accomplished female photographers, such as TyBello.

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    In closing, Oma shared valuable advice for aspiring photographers, emphasizing the importance of consistency and discouraging comparisons. She encouraged budding photographers to build their unique voice and continually learn from others to further their craft.

    The exclusive interview with Onome Mercy Akwenuke also referred to as Oma, is a testament to her dedication and unwavering passion for photography. Omavisuals is set to continue its growth and impact, striving for global recognition in the years to come.

    See Pictures Taken By Oma, Below

    You can join and keep up with Omavisuals and Akwenuke Onome Mercy’s work on social media with the handle, @Omavisuals

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