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Coca Drops 2-Track Project, Handle You and Money

    Coca Drops 2-Track Project, Handle You and Money

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    Coca SFTOS
    Coca SFTOSCoca's 2-Track Project, Handle You and Money, Now Available

    The highly-anticipated 2-track project from Coca, “Handle You” and “Money,” is officially out and ready to immerse listeners in a captivating musical journey. This release, marking his prowess as an executive producer, promises to offer a distinct auditory experience that resonates with audiences.

    Coca SFTOSCoca's 2-Track Project, Handle You and Money, Now Available


    “Handle You”: Here, he teams up with the sensational Spice Priezt to craft an irresistible anthem in “Handle You.” This track captivates listeners with its fusion of rhythm and emotion, delving into themes of love and connection. Spice Priezt’s soulful vocals perfectly complement His creative production, creating a memorable chorus and an infectious beat that’s bound to find a place in playlists.

    “Money”: The second track, “Money,” takes listeners on a reflective journey through life’s challenges and aspirations. His evocative production sets the stage for insightful lyrics that explore the pursuit of success, navigating the ups and downs of the journey. Backed by Salvaxion’s dynamic vocal performance, the track seamlessly blends poignant storytelling with an infectious beat, offering a thought-provoking musical experience.

    Coca’s talent as an executive producer, curating these tracks from start to finish, is evident in this release. Whether it’s the compelling rhythms that inspire movement or the resonant lyrics that provoke contemplation, “Handle You” and “Money” together showcase Coca’s prowess in music in its entirety.

    The project “Handle You” and “Money” is now available on all major streaming platforms


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    Commenting on the release, Coca shared, “This project is a testament to my dedication to curating meaningful musical experiences. ‘Handle You’ and ‘Money’ embody different facets of life, and I hope they resonate with people in unexpected ways.”

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