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Discover ‘Owizzy’ – His Music & All You Need To Know [See Here]

    Discover ‘Owizzy’ – His Music & All You Need To Know [See Here]

    Ever heard of the Nigerian singer lifting souls with raw, therapeutic lyrics? Uncover Owizzy's inspiring journey from personal turmoil to melodic enlightenment in this must-read artist profile.

    Ogieva Godstime Owas (born March 26, 1999), known professionally as Owizzy, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter from Benin City.

    He was raised in a musical environment, with his grandparents fostering his love for music from a young age by singing and dancing whenever their favorite songs played.

    Early Life and Education

    Owizzy comes from a family that values education highly across various professions – his father was a teacher and catechist, one uncle was a politician, another a deputy police superintendent, and an aunt is a medical practitioner. He is also related to the musician Rowland Onaghise, known as Amunataba.

    Owizzy attended Abesi Primary School and Iguobazuwa Secondary School, both in Ovia South West LGA, before taking a break from formal studies. Though his family hoped he would pursue medicine, his father’s death altered Owizzy’s path toward music instead.

    Musical Beginnings and Influences

    Music held importance for Owizzy from childhood when he sang in his church choir and occasionally played piano. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that he began writing his own songs as a way to cope with personal difficulties. He cites Wizkid’s style, especially the 2015 song “Ojuelegba,” as a major influence.

    Rather than chasing trends, Owizzy’s music emerged organically from using it as an outlet during hard times. After three years of songwriting, he entered the studio in 2017 to record his debut single, marking the start of his professional music career.


    While Owizzy hesitates to call any release a “breakthrough,” his 2022 EP Oasis offered insights into his artistry. The track “Delilah” showcased his songwriting abilities and melodic style. He has collaborated with fellow Nigerian acts like Paragon QTM, Rex Borz, and Spice Priezt.

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    Despite lacking mainstream recognition, He takes pride in connecting with listeners through his music. He prefers not to dwell on specific milestones, focusing instead on the emotional impact. His creative process often involves freestyling vocals to instrumentals from producers he vibes with, rather than traditional writing.

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    Owizzy aims to convey that everyone is significant yet ordinary, with his uplifting music providing solace during life’s struggles. Outside of music, he enjoys football, pool, and gaming for leisure.

    Future Outlook

    Motivated to raise Benin City’s profile as a talent hub, Owizzy and his team are “committed to revolutionizing the perception of music.” He has ambitions to perform at major venues like London’s O2 Arena and is currently working on his debut studio album.

    He remains open to exploring new sounds and genres while reveling in the simple joy of creating music. His guiding quote is Isaiah 60:22 from the Bible, which helps keep him balanced: “The least one shall become a clan, and the smallest one a mighty nation. I am The lord, and when the right time is right, I the lord will make it happen.”

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    Follow Owizzy on his various social media platform, Instagram – @Owizzyszn

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