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Discover ‘Okwi’ – His Music & All You Need To Know [See Here]

    Discover ‘Okwi’ – His Music & All You Need To Know [See Here]


    OKWI, born Eze Cyril Okwuchukwu Zion, is a Nigerian musician hailing from Ijesha, Surulere Lagos. Despite his roots, OKWI spent his formative years in Ojo Lagos, where he completed his primary and secondary education at Rock Ville Nur/Pri School and Community Junior/Senior Secondary School respectively.

    Coming from a religious background that emphasized active participation in church activities, his journey into music began in the choir. It was here that he discovered his passion for singing and performing, laying the foundation for his future musical endeavors.

    One of his most significant influences is his late father, who introduced him to the world of music, fostering a deep appreciation for various genres, particularly highlife. Fond memories of his father playing highlife music for him during his childhood left a lasting impression on his musical style and taste.

    During his secondary school days, OKWI, an art and literature student, had the opportunity to showcase his musical talents by performing every Wednesday in front of large audiences. This experience honed his skills and instilled confidence in his ability to entertain.

    Initially starting as a rapper, his musical journey has evolved over the years. Drawing inspiration from artists like Runtown and Burna Boy, he found himself gravitating towards a fusion of highlife and Afrobeats, crafting a unique sound that prioritizes comfort and new experiences for his listeners.

    OKWI officially ventured into professional music-making in 2019, but faced setbacks due to management issues, causing him to take a hiatus. However, his breakthrough moment came in 2023 with the release of “NO YAWA,” marking his triumphant return to the music scene.

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    In addition to his solo career, OKWI has collaborated with various artists such as Jindumusic, Nuel, and Bena, showcasing his versatility and adaptability as a musician. Despite not receiving any awards yet, OKWI’s talent has been recognized by top producers and musicians both in Nigeria and internationally.

    With over 300k career streams, OKWI continues to captivate audiences with his soulful music, driven by his experimental creative process and a desire to share his life experiences through his songs. Outside of music, he enjoys watching football and gaming, finding inspiration in everyday life and his humble beginnings.

    For OKWI, music is more than just a form of expression; it’s a soulful experience that has the power to unite people across the world.

    Moving forward, he looks forward to collaborating with top creatives to further refine his craft and embark on new projects that will continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.

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    Follow Okwi on his various social media platform, Instagram – @Okwigram

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