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Spotlight On Dj OG – Shares Insight On His Journey So Far, Growth, Collaborations, Music, FineDope And Much More [See Details]

    Spotlight On Dj OG – Shares Insight On His Journey So Far, Growth, Collaborations, Music, FineDope And Much More [See Details]

    DJ OG Finedope New Music
    Owen Godwin Chukwunonso, popularly known as DJ OG, and the Moniker OG Cubana.

    From being a hobby, the act to express his will towards Entertaining himself. He has been able to build not just an ideal brand that justifies his yearning for more success but also to become one worthy enough to be acknowledged for his works and talent. His name is Owen Godwin Chukwunonso, but we most would recognize him by the stage name DJ OG and the alias OG Cubana.

    Curved into making the most appropriate appearances and enticing his audience with distinctive melodies and sounds that energize and give the room the extra exclusive feel, DJ OG has reasonably topped his antics. How well he has grown, the journey so far, success, collaborations, and so much more. He shared in the most recent conversation, and this is how it went down.

    Although having quite a build whose presence is easily recognized, DJ OG spans out to be the humble one. Quick to find a way to kick off our session, of course, the first question let out, and the show begins.

    Who is DJ OG?

    I am a DJ, Entrepreneur, Music Lover and The Entertaining Guy. Defining who I am is rarely not something I have to do. I am, however, overwhelmed, sometimes keen to express myself by doing what I do best, he said.

    For most who have been in the space of being a disc jockey, there has always been a story, and our guest right here is not left out telling in subtle details. For DJ OG, his experience growing up wasn’t much to be, but he, however, paid much attention to his love for music and not only did that bring out his excuse to rock beautiful playlists, entertaining the ones around him with the right piece he needed.

    Looking back on the journey so far, I am eternally grateful to God. People don’t know this, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing. I was stepped on, disappointed, turned down, and let down at various points in my life, and yes, encouragement and beautiful words kept me pushing along the tides. Guess the saying Believe it till you live it – is a thing to me. Because though I am not where I want to be, I am definitely not where I was a couple of years ago. So, yes, there’s growth, he said.

    Taking turns showing off his skillset with his hands on the beautiful DJ Piece Set-Up, Sharing highlights of his successes, denoting that the most are yet to make up for being in the spotlight. Anticipating the much more work tasked on himself to be on the next level, DJ OG quickly chipped in his words and, we quote: ‘I see myself on a new level daily, and that’s my success. It’s never the same, but there are lots of things I can’t wait to share with the world. Notwithstanding, I am happy at the spot I am right now, and I am confident there are lots to come my way. So on success, I am doing just great’ – he added.

    (Plays – All the way up by Fat Joe and Remy Ma, as he steps down from DJ Setup and heads to the living room)

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    DJ OG and President Finedope OVO Finedope New Music

    Getting relaxed, DJ OG stated his goals are right now, intertwined with his current state and relationship with his found label, Finedope. Assuring that his decision to be part of the group was encouraged by the instinct to be better and get on a higher level. Understanding the work ethics of Finedope, he rests assured he made the right call to be part of the fast-rising innovating label, Finedope.

    Rounding off the session, DJ OG got to interest us, teasing new developments, a possible featured collab project from his team and label, Finedope. So What’s Next for DJ OG is solid as it comes as he presses on being better at his craft and being better with his art,

    For more updates on DJ OG, Please do follow him on IG on the handle – @Djay_OG

    DJ OG Finedope New Music

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