Funkcleff Makes A Comeback With Debut Single, Confy

Funkcleff, Nigerian Pop Sensation Makes A Comeback With Debut Single, &Quot;Confy&Quot;

Funkcleff, the multi-talented performer and singer known for his captivating vocal delivery and thought-provoking lyrics, has announced the release of his first official single titled “CONFY.”

Funkcleff, Nigerian Pop Sensation Makes A Comeback With Debut Single, Confy

In “CONFY,” the multi-talented performer sings about the importance of confidence and its transformative power, encouraging listeners to embrace their unique abilities and become great in themselves.`The afrobeat song, produced by Lagos-based producer Lake and Guitar by Linz Music, is a powerful 2 minutes and 40-second affirmation of confidence and self-assurance.

The song’s upbeat melody and positive lyrics provide an uplifting message, reminding listeners that they can conquer their fears and reach new heights. “I’m thrilled to release ‘CONFY‘ and share my message of self-confidence with music lovers and enthusiasts,” said Funkcleff. “The song is a celebration of our potential and the limitless possibilities that exist within us. I hope it inspires listeners to embrace their inner strength with confidence and chase their dreams, “ he added.

“CONFY” is Out on all major streaming platforms


Funkcleff is a Nigerian performing artiste and singer known for his unique vocal delivery and thought-provoking lyrics. With a passion for music, he has honed his craft and is now poised to make known his presence in the industry.

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