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Harry Carter Set to Drop ‘CARTERSTROPHY’ [See Details]

    Harry Carter Set to Drop ‘CARTERSTROPHY’ [See Details]

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    Harry Carter
    Harry Carter Set to Drop 'CARTERSTROPHY' [See Details]
    Harry Carter Set to Drop ‘CARTERSTROPHY’

    Born with a Talent, Blessed with a pretty face, Accustomed with the knowledge to learn and evolve, One of the Best ever Pop Rising Artiste that has duly Overtime impressed folks around ranging from Musical Artistes, Creators to Listeners and His Amazing fans, Harry Carter, is always an unending joy subject whenever we have to touch down on his greatness.

    Harry Carter Set to Drop 'CARTERSTROPHY' [See Details]

    Born and Raised in an Ancient City, South South, Nigeria, one could wonder how the so talented Pop star, Harry Carter has been able to finesse in his career path with blossoming results in every effort placed. Releasing beautiful projects piece one after the other, Harry Carter has been able to build a credible standard certain to be off the hook with certainty built in the mind of Listeners that awesomeness is not far off.

    Having released an EP titled Caterlyst, a supposed teaser for his forthcoming debut Major Project which was off the hook, with priceless reviews and applauds received, Harry Carter has finally put his anticipation in peak announcing the release of his Debut Project to be released in February 5th.


    While we definitely from the pop off already have a feeling this is going to be yet another awesome project coming to our space, we however reminisce on just how beautiful his previous project, the teaser carterlyst actually was, so why wait when we can enjoy this masterpiece all over again.

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