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Izie — Juju [Listen Now]

    Izie — Juju [Listen Now]

    Izie Takes On Afrosoul With New Single, Juju

    Izie, the Rising Afrosoul sensation has unveiled their latest single, the bewitching track “Juju”. Originally envisioned as a collaboration, the solo release sees her soulfully musing on love and its authenticity.

    Izie Takes On Afrosoul With New Single, Juju

    Centered around the hesitations surrounding profound connections, “Juju” finds Izie challenging if such feelings are the result of mystical forces or genuine emotion. Over laidback Afrosoul rhythms, the single prompts reflection on reservations to letting love in and the possibility of an enchanting spell.

    Discussing the inspiration behind “Juju”, She said “I really wanted to explore the push and pull we feel when love defies logic. It led me to question – could this be juju? The song invites you to get lost in that mystery with me.”

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    With its relatable lyrics and hypnotic melodies, “Juju” cements Izie’s talent for sonic storytelling. The track blends the best of Afrosoul with the singer’s inventive style to cast a smooth spell that lingers long after it ends.

    Juju By Izie is now available on all digital streaming platforms – Click Here

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