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HipHop: Juicy Gee Serves New Single, Alone In Flows [Download Mp3]

    HipHop: Juicy Gee Serves New Single, Alone In Flows [Download Mp3]

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    Juicy Gee Alone In Flows
    Juicy Gee Alone In Flows

    Never Enough as Juicy Gee Expresses His State Of Emotions On Alone In Flows

    Juicy Gee, Nigerian Versatile Artiste, just right after his previous single, Pained which featured collaborative effort from singer, Keisha Kezz. takes on the new lead with brand new single, Alone In Flows

    Just right to understand his hunger to reach to his fanbase and preach his truth through the very art he is aware of and can do to the best of his abilities.

    If You Haven’t Yet, Listen / Download ALONE IN FLOWS by JUICY GEE

    iPhone Users – Click Here

    Request – If you downloaded this song please do leave a review, and air your thoughts about this song in the comment section. 
    This enables the Artiste to grow and correct his / her errors in due time. 

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    Songwriting Credit – Juicy Gee
    Production Credit – Ovreall

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    Juicy Gee Alone In Flows

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