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Listen Now: Coca (feat. Elcee) – Woman

    Listen Now: Coca (feat. Elcee) – Woman

    Listen Now: Coca (feat. Elcee) - Woman

    Sounds From The Other Side’s Coca Taps Elcee For His Debut Single Titled, “Woman”

    Entertainer, Coca introduces his debut single, “Woman” featuring the rising talent Elcee. Released under the Radar of Sounds From The Other Side, the single has already captured the hearts of audiences, receiving massive love and praise since its release. With its infectious melodies and captivating lyrics, “Woman” is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene.

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    “Woman” marks an exciting milestone for Sounds From The Other Side and its commitment to discovering and promoting exceptional talent within Nigeria’s music industry. While Coca, the visionary behind the brand, did not record vocals on this particular single, his artistic direction and influence shine through, showcasing his knack for selecting and supporting gifted artists.

    Teaming up with Elcee, an emerging artist with incredible vocal prowess, “Woman” exemplifies the essence of love, independence, and embracing one’s desires. Elcee’s dynamic performance brings the track to life, captivating listeners with his soulful delivery and undeniable charm. The collaboration between Coca and Elcee is a testament to the brand’s dedication to curating exceptional musical experiences.

    The single has quickly gained traction and has been met with enthusiastic support from fans and industry insiders alike. Its infectious chorus, compelling beats, and vibrant Afro-beat influences have resonated with audiences, positioning “Woman” as a standout track within Nigeria’s music landscape.

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    Sounds From The Other Side continues to fulfil its vision of revolutionizing the Nigerian music industry by providing platforms for emerging artists to express their unique abilities. Through its unwavering commitment to creativity, bravery, efficiency, commitment, dynamism, and growth, the brand aims to enrich the global music scene while propelling the growth of Nigeria’s music industry within Africa and beyond.

    Sounds From The Other Side's Coca Taps Elcee For His Debut Single Titled, "Woman"

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