Owizzy And His 7 Track Debut Project, Oasis [See More]

Owizzy OasisTaking Into His Lead For His Gospel To Be Heard, We Engaged The Fast-Rising Talent Owizzy In Regards To Sharing His Inspirations, Leads And Experience So Far Revolving Around The Process Of His Debut Project Ep Oasis.

Taking into his lead for his gospel to be heard, we engaged the fast-rising talent Owizzy in regards to sharing his inspirations, leads and experience so far revolving around the process of his debut project EP Oasis.

Owizzy And His 7 Track Debut Project, Oasis

The Fast Rising Talent who shared laughter, joy and happiness with everyone around his space had the following to share for his project and this is how it went;

Owizzy And His 7 Track Debut Project, Oasis [See More] &Raquo; Critic Circle

Well, Introducing myself has always been a wit to my art. I believe telling my story helps me become a better human, helps me learn, and encourages me to be more positive and happy.

The Project, OASIS In Detail

Inspired by an endearing act of sharing my piece, I had to share how these all started. Laid in the conscious melodies is the voice note from a friend who sees strength in me even when I am in doubt. So yes, this is me, welcoming you to my debut project, OASIS The EP.

Being subconscious of the system in which melodies play right through in my heart. Delilah resonates with the beauty of loving someone and being around them. While I might have been privileged to be inspired to share these melodies in the best position as it is, I also enjoy seeing people connect to them as much as I did.

While being appreciative of the love I have been opportuned to receive and share, it is also accurate for me to appreciate the beautiful women out here doing the most. Believe me, as you listen to this, you know what’s up.

Inspired by a special someone in my life, woman is a perfect rendition for guys out there to appreciate their woman. Okay, this is a sign, so do appreciate that beautiful, loving, and one-of-a-kind woman you got right there.

The Track, Body tells of yet my experience, the connection of having someone close who makes the difference. Lovey-dovey, they say, but you know the feeling of having that special someone that makes the world be at peace with you when they come around. Well, if you do have that one person, it’s alright, and if you don’t, well, it’s okay, we should find one soon.

Adura shines the light on the need for appreciation and gratitude and the prayer of men who seek growth, wisdom, and fortunes to better their life and those around them. If you are in these corners, I made these melodies for you.

No More Love
No More Love sends the reality of most relationships, be it sad or weary as it sounds, sometimes everything does get to an end, and they fall apart. But that’s the beauty of new beginnings, I have been here, and I understand how it feels, so I made this for you.

Owizzy And His 7 Track Debut Project, Oasis [See More] &Raquo; Critic Circle

These are my inspiration and thoughts revolving around my debut project, and as much as it mine’s to share, I would love it to be yours to keep. Thank you for going through these for me, and hey, the journey just started.

Thank You

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