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Pop: Sent Silver serves out new single ‘All For Love’ [Download Mp3]

    Pop: Sent Silver serves out new single ‘All For Love’ [Download Mp3]

    Sent Silver - All For Love

    Sent Silver, Emo Fast Rising Talented Singer, Songwriter, Recording and Performing Pop Artiste has always been one to watch out for. Always having a inch to reach out to those who can connect with his art emotionally, he has been able to capture the heart of many and more incoming as he dishes out new single All For Love.

    If You Haven’t yet – Do Download All For Love by Sent Silver.

    IPhone Users – Click Here To Listen

    Overview – All For You is essentially emotional and in all honesty, speaks the heart of many who has been in this point relationship wise. The beauty of this song is in his hook, emotionals and energy well placed in delivering a beautiful song.

    Request – If you downloaded this song please do leave a review, air your thoughts about this song on the comment section. 
    This is to enable the Artiste to grow and correct his / her errors in due time. 

    Trivia Information 
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    Released – September 2020
    Songwriting Credit – Sent Silver
    Production Credit – Soliz Beat

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    Sent Silver serves out new single 'All For Love' [Download Mp3]

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