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Seyi Vibez Reveals, Nobody Thinks I’m 23 [Read Now]

    Seyi Vibez Reveals, Nobody Thinks I’m 23 [Read Now]

    Seyi Vibez

    Nigerian street music sensation Seyi Vibez recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Apple Music Africa Now Radio host Nandi Madiba, shedding light on his rapid rise to commercial success, his unique musical expression, and the inspiration behind his prolific output.

    Seyi Vibez

    Breaking into the mainstream in 2022 with the hit single ‘Chance,’ Seyi Vibez has become a notable figure in the music scene, seamlessly blending traditional genres with mainstream elements. In 2023, he demonstrated his work ethic by releasing two EPs and two albums, making him one of the most prolific Nigerian mainstream acts.

    The artist attributed his consistent output to his inclination for expressing himself through music. Seyi Vibez shared, “I just keep recording. It’s not because I want to record, it’s because I don’t like talking to people too much. Whatever is on my mind that’s getting me sad or is getting me happy, I put in my music. I record always because that’s the only way I can communicate with people. I have a lot more songs than the ones I’ve dropped.”

    Addressing the perception of his age, Seyi Vibez revealed that people often think he is older than his actual age of 23. He attributes this to his significant commercial success since the release of ‘Chance.’ Despite this, he remains grounded, acknowledging God and drawing inspiration from his late mother.

    “I don’t think I’m young because everyone thinks I’m older than my age, nobody thinks I’m 23. I just have to keep pushing because it’s like I’m doing what I’m not supposed to do at my age. I’ll keep doing it, and my mum is still alive, so my inspiration never dies; I keep working.”

    Having experienced a remarkable year, Seyi Vibez also shared insights into his decision to start a music label called Vibez INC. He has signed rising Street Pop act TMI Vibez, expressing confidence in his potential to become one of Africa’s best artists.

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    Reflecting on his musical influences, Seyi Vibez mentioned the impact of Fuji music maestro Wasiu Ayinde and Afrobeat creator Fela Kuti, particularly in the use of orchestral and choral vocals in his music.

    As he continues to make waves in the music industry, fans eagerly anticipate more releases and the unfolding of his promising career. The artist concluded 2023 with the ‘NAHAMciaga’ EP and kicked off 2024 with the music video for ‘Different Pattern’ from the EP, setting the stage for another music-filled year.

    Listen To Full Interview With Seyi Vibez Here

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