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4 Wizkid’s Projects Above 100 Million Streams on Spotify

    4 Wizkid’s Projects Above 100 Million Streams on Spotify

    Wizkid, the Nigerian music sensation and global icon, continues to make waves in the music industry, achieving remarkable milestones on the streaming platform Spotify. With several of his projects now surpassing the impressive 100 million stream mark, his influence and impact on the international music scene are undeniable.

    Here’s a breakdown of Wizkid’s projects that have soared beyond 100 million streams on Spotify:

    1. Made In Lagos (Deluxe) – 701 Million Streams

    Wizkid’s highly acclaimed album “Made In Lagos (Deluxe)” has struck a chord with millions of listeners worldwide, amassing an incredible 701 million streams on Spotify. This album has become a fan favorite, showcasing the artist’s undeniable talent and ability to craft music that resonates with a diverse audience.

    2. Sounds From The Other Side – 228 Million Streams

    “Sounds From The Other Side” is another stellar project by Wizkid that has garnered massive attention on Spotify, amassing an impressive 228 million streams. The album’s unique sound and catchy tracks have helped it secure a special place in the hearts of fans globally.

    3. More Love, Less Ego – 160 Million Streams

    “More Love, Less Ego” is a testament to Wizkid’s prowess in creating music that strikes a chord with fans. With a total of 160 million streams on Spotify, this project showcases the artist’s ability to touch hearts and captivate audiences through his artistry.

    4. Ayo – 100 Million Streams

    “Ayo,” Wizkid’s project that has crossed the 100 million stream threshold, highlights his ability to create music that remains timeless. With a significant 100 million streams on Spotify, “Ayo” is a true testament to the artist’s dedication and talent in the music industry.

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    It’s not an easy feat to amass such staggering numbers in streams, and it’s a clear testament to Wizkid’s artistry and global appeal. His consistent ability to create music that resonates with people across the world is a testament to his position as a true musical icon.

    Share Your Favorite!

    With such an impressive array of projects, we’re curious to know – what’s your favorite Wizkid project? Share your thoughts and join the conversation! Wizkid’s influence on the music world continues to grow, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next. Stay tuned for more updates on this musical maestro and his chart-topping projects.

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