Boy Alone By Omah Lay – A Recommended Therapy Route

Omah Lay Boy Alone Review

The singer, songwriter and genius Omah Lay has always been at his best in delivering melody-driven afro-influenced soul records. Although these attributes might have been evident in his early days with the single, My Brother, he has grown to enhance his skill in giving his audience his best.

Though, a series of Extended Plays (EP) released improved the relationship between music lovers and the Nigerian Afro-Fusion Music Artiste Omah Lay. His Debut Album, Boy Alone, seems to bring the balance and completes the circle which defines his art in ways more complex than none.

Omah Lay Boy Alone Review

Boy Alone By Omah Lay Came In Handy For Everytime We Could Not Afford A Therapist

The 14-track Album, released on 15th July 2022, according to his description to Apple Music, combines biography with fantasy, earnest songwriting and mannered, though seductive singing, whether about heartbreaks, childhood ambitions, his carnal pleasures or his bouts with depression.

While most of us enjoyed every song on the album and have found solace in the melodies engraved on it, we also perceive his latest album as a sincere gift and guide to help us in times of need. Although We can’t speak for everyone, we definitely can say for most of us, tracks such as I’m a mess have built a hovering shade over our heads and helped us from falling apart in recent times.

It might be his unique vocals, his delivery process or his connection with the music he makes that makes it authentic. Either way, it is affirmative that we do love the album. One of the golden trends off the album is the track titled Soso. The visual representation of this record has also given more endearing relativity to it, and much more expression is expected of our brains when it comes to the speakers.

We sing along to every word, try to hit every note, resonate with his consciousness in every way we can, all these and more, we do, in hope, that indeed, “so so takes our pain away.”

You can’t be late to the party, so here’s to the rhythm we enjoy. We are affirmative that you would and should feel the same way once the melody hits your nerves.

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