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Charles De Bhad Guy – The Radio Enigma [See More]

    Charles De Bhad Guy – The Radio Enigma [See More]


    It has always been a beauty to witness creatives become a part of the system of growth and while the spotlight is always at the front stage and on those in front of the camera, it is okay to identify the merchants, enigma, and faces behind the most of entertainment we consume daily. one of these merchants comes from the radios we listen to.

    From the city of Benin, being on the lookout, we decided it was time to tell the stories and show off the faces behind the voice we listen to on the radio, and today we introduce to you, none other than Charles Da Bhad Guy.

    The team at the Critic Circle met with him for a brief introduction and he did let us in on quite a lot to share with you, see his response below

    Charles De Bhad Guy - The Radio Enigma [See More] | Critic Circle

    My name is Charles Opurum aka Charles de Bahd Guy on the radio. I am a native of Imo state, but I work as a Radio Host/On-Air Personality currently with 92.7 KU FM.

    My journey into radio started during my university days when I used to host a night show on a makeshift campus radio station run by me and my friend.

    Well, one thing led to another and I abandoned my engineering background for a full-time career in broadcasting.

    So far it’s been quite an exciting career journey with multiple experiences that have shaped me.

    Currently, I host the Breakfast Show on KU FM Benin City. The show is a potpourri of programs that include News, Kids segment, politics, entertainment, etc.

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    For relaxation, I like hanging out with friends, watching interesting movies, and reading books.

    Charles De Bhad Guy - The Radio Enigma [See More] | Critic Circle

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