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Dr. Karmma Serves Soul Revealing Single, Sad Boy [Check This]

    Dr. Karmma Serves Soul Revealing Single, Sad Boy [Check This]

    Dr Karmma
    Dr Karmma
    Dr. Karmma Serves Soul Revealing Single, Sad Boy

    Inspired by his will to grow and outdo his previous self and creativity, Dr. Karmma has tremendously become a household name to our network, and having noticed his desired growth, his journey has solely defined a man who deserves the most of everything he does yearn for.

    Having been away for a while and working on his art, Dr. Karmma, Rapper, Creative, Recording, and Performing Artiste designed and finally puts out his most recent single “Sad Boy

    Dr Karmma Sad Boy

    With a combination of blaring saxophones, smooth rhythms, softly delivered clear vocals, and somewhat deep lyrics, the 21-year old Nigerian doesn’t seem a foot out of his comfort zone. Dr. Karmma debuts a mellow pop side to his artistry as a testament to his growth.

    In a short conversation, Dr. Karmma let us on what inspired this piece, and in his words, he said

    “Sad Boy” is 3 minutes of sober reflection which is encapsulated in a sequence on the second verse “…first time man I didn’t get it right, three years what I had to sacrifice, dark place I was tired of my life, you wouldn’t believe me…”

    “Struggles are an everyday part of life, we encounter them in anything we do. I feel as though I am not where I once was and I am comfortable enough to talk about it in my music so why not?” Says the Nigerian artist. “My art is an extension of myself and be it through hip hop, alternative music, or afro-pop, I’m telling my story.”

    There’s something about Dr. Karmma that is uniquely different — and on his newest release, he’s found a comfortable place where feel-good music meets vital social commentary.

    If you haven’t listened to Sad Boy by Dr. Karmma, Then you should,

    Click Here

    Dr. Karmma -  Sad Boy

    Would You want to reach out to this amazing talent, Dr. Karmma? then check this below
    Email: [email protected]
    Social Media: @dr_karmma

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