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Davido Graces the Cover of Numéro Netherlands [See More]

    Davido Graces the Cover of Numéro Netherlands [See More]

    Davido Graces the Cover of Numéro Netherlands [See More]

    In a testament to his undeniable impact on the global music scene, Davido, often hailed as ‘The King of Afrobeats,’ takes center stage on the cover of Numéro Netherlands. The interview, conducted by Marek Bartek, delves into Davido’s recent achievements, creative process, and his commitment to promoting African culture on a worldwide stage.

    Davido Graces the Cover of Numéro Netherlands [See More]

    Davido’s influence soared to new heights in 2023, earning him three Grammy nominations, a significant milestone in his career. The interview sheds light on his groundbreaking A.W.A.Y. Festival (Are We African Yet), launched with the mission to unite communities, foster collaboration, and celebrate the richness and diversity of African music and culture. The festival serves as a platform to build bridges between Africa and the global music scene.

    The conversation also touches upon Davido’s album ‘Timeless,’ which made history by becoming the biggest African album in Apple Music history with first-day worldwide streams and reaching No. 2 on Apple Music’s US Albums chart. Davido shares insights into the album’s creative process, emphasizing a more stripped-down approach that highlights his collaboration with producers.

    Reflecting on the success of his albums ‘A Better Time’ and ‘Timeless,’ He acknowledges the evolution in his music while emphasizing a commitment to staying rooted in his cultural identity. He sees his music as a celebration, aiming to evoke positive emotions and create a sense of unity among listeners.

    Davido’s global recognition and Grammy nominations are seen as a positive development for Afrobeats, yet he acknowledges that there is still progress to be made. He expresses gratitude for the acknowledgment but sees it as an opportunity to pave the way for future talented African artists.

    The interview also explores His early influences, revealing that, despite considering a career in rap after graduating from college in the US, he chose to return to his roots and represent his culture through Afrobeats.

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    His recent ventures, including the successful A.W.A.Y. Festival and the viral ‘Unavailable’ dance challenge on TikTok, underscore the artist’s ability to connect with a diverse audience globally. The sold-out tours in the US and internationally are hailed as successes, with Davido expressing joy at reconnecting with fans post-pandemic.

    Looking ahead, Davido promises fans more music, collaborations, and extensive touring in 2024. With upcoming shows at Madison Square Garden and the O2 in London, he anticipates an incredible year ahead, leaving fans eager for what the ‘King of Afrobeats’ has in store.

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