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Dice Ailes On New Single, Dicey Baba [Listen Now]

    Dice Ailes On New Single, Dicey Baba [Listen Now]

    Dice Ailes, the Award-Winning artist, has made a triumphant return with his latest single “Dicey Baba” after a well-deserved hiatus.

    The track kicks off with a nod to Fela Anikulapo’s iconic “Teacher don’t teach me nonsense,” seamlessly evolving into a club anthem. With this release, Dice Ailes showcases his reinvention and innovation, marking a new chapter in his career. “Dicey Baba” serves as the perfect reintroduction for fans eagerly awaiting new music since his chart-topping EP, “Ladies First,” back in June 2022.

    In “Dicey Baba,” Dice Ailes maintains his trademark confidence and swagger, reminiscent of hits like “Alakori” and “Money Dance.” Here, he positions himself as a savior figure, rescuing his fans from oppressive forces, symbolized by authoritative teachers. This self-proclaimed role underscores his prowess as a creative force in the industry.

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    Experience the infectious energy of “Dicey Baba” by listening to it here.

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