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Exclusives: The Listening Session – All You Need To Know [See Details]

    Exclusives: The Listening Session – All You Need To Know [See Details]

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    The Listening Sessions

    While the current situation permits us not to carry out our very sociable daily activities and has kept the majority of us in lock down and maintaining social distance, the content creating community has pushed towards credibility and creativity in other to keep the world entertained in this crisis.

    While there’s a lot going on with little documentation, it’s easy to by pass lots of drama that goes through the internet daily and just while we trying to figure out what’s going on, a much better entertaining piece has introduced his space into the community and this is one engaging premium content that covers most likely the never heard stories and revelations, answers to questions never been asked and experience teaching platforms that gears and shape up the ready ears yearning to listen.

    The Listening Session - All You Need To Know [See Details]

    Ladies and Gentlemen, with no much further conviction I present to you The Listening Session anchored by Obinna Agwu, A Business Man & Creative Collaborator.

    In a short conversation, sneak peak, the brain behind this such amazing platform, Obinna Agwu Popularly known for the niche, Angrymob shared with us what the Listening Session is all about

    Here’s all he had to say

    “The Listening Sessions Podcast became necessary following my observation of a huge knowledge gap between new entrants into the Nigerian music industry and experienced players. And this lack of relevant, critical, practical and actionable information, I believe, has negatively impacted the development of the industry.

    This is why I’m hosting Listening Sessions, a podcast that provides a cordial environment for important figures in the music industry to have an honest conversation about their journeys and to share their stories, deep insights and lessons for the benefit of present and future generations of industry players.

    On Listening Sessions, we will trace our way through your career so far, and try to gain clarification about key nodes, including major events and decisions, along your unique journey for the edification of the Nigerian Music Industry. I am very passionate about making sure that young people do not repeat avoidable mistakes that would be easily averted, if those that came before them shared more freely about their journeys. This is the whole goal of Listening sessions”.

    As at when this was written, The Listening Session had already sparked off with Four Episodes which features Ace Producer, Chopsticks, Alternative Maestro, Johnny Drille, Aristokrat Records CEO, Piccaso and Producer Extra-Ordinaire, Sarz.

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    Each Session filled with amazing, never told stories and revelations. It’s definitely worth ever minute of your time

    Article by Nelson, Proofread by Elile Favour. 

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