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Favi Drops New Single, Omo Oro [Listen Here]

    Favi Drops New Single, Omo Oro [Listen Here]

    Omo Oro Favi

    Nigerian artist Favi, also known as Gidi Boy, has released his latest single, “Omo Oro,”

    Omo Oro Favi

    The track offers a captivating blend of urban vibes and cultural brilliance, drawing inspiration from the dynamic streets of Bariga, Lagos. “Omo Oro” carries a dual significance, serving as a colloquial term for a “Bad Guy” and translating to “Son of Wealth” or “Child of Wealth” in Yoruba.

    The song’s lyrical narrative intricately weaves together Favi’s nuanced observations of urban life, going beyond a romantic subplot to encapsulate the complexities and triumphs of the streets.

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    As the flagship single from Favi’s upcoming project, GIDI BOY, “Omo Oro” showcases his artistic versatility within the Nigerian music landscape.

    Favi Omo Oro

    To stay updated on Favi, follow him on Instagram and Twitter @Only1favi.

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