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Interesting Songs From Fast Rising Talents You Should Know Before They Blow Up (Part 1)

    Interesting Songs From Fast Rising Talents You Should Know Before They Blow Up (Part 1)

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    Interesting Songs From Fast Rising Talents You Should Know Before They Blow Up (Part 1)

    Faced daily with the drive to give back and search for the rarest talents in and around the world, we have every reason to believe the world is fast evolving, and so are these Creatives and Talented individuals therein.

    Today we pitch to you. 10 Beautiful Songs from Fast Rising Talents You Should Know Before They Blow Up.

    Our pick is varied around the range and complex melodies of these talents. It was a struggle to pick these songs out of the mass of Talented Music Artiste, and it is critical to note that these are not labelled from top to bottom or best to least.
    We only believe these are beautiful songs and sounds deserving to be heard by all and sundry. So Please, Do Check Them Out, and if you do, find a beautiful pick, enjoy the vibe and stay in touch with their craft.

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    1. Friday Night By Favi Featuring Psycho YP

    This Song dropped a while ago, delivered by the favourite afro swing inclined artiste and talent, Favi, known by the moniker, Gidi Boy.

    Although Possessing a striking resemblance such that they could both pass as a twin or relatives, Psycho YP is in no way related to Favi. However, they have been able to see and build a healthy relationship with value and respect for their craft, respectively, a seeming trait that seems to transit in elements and frequencies, collectively albeit phenomenal, as shown in the record, Friday Night.

    In Friday Night, Favi and Psycho Yp, sharing their base element and response to sound, delivered the grafting melodies and raps when listened to in closed halls, at parties and even in cars, the sound’s different.

    Although few listeners did leave a first listen review on the project, their thoughts towards this beautiful record changed after a while
    So yes, you might not synch into this on first listen, but quite frankly, after a moment there, it gets dipped into you, and you can’t help yourself anymore but love it.

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    Nigerian sensation Odumodublvck dropped his much-anticipated deluxe version of his mixtape, "Eziokwu," on December 1st.

    Friday Night Is a classic soundtrack for nightclubs and surreal Friday nights. It’s everything Friday night should be. It is a beautiful piece, and we know it deserves much more.

    If you haven’t, take an interest and listen to this piece from the links below.


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