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New Story: Secret Crush – Episode 4 [Read Details]

    New Story: Secret Crush – Episode 4 [Read Details]

    New Story: Secret Crush - Episode 1 [Read Details]
    Secret Crush – Episode 4 [Read Details]
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    Mariel’s POV
    Adrian dropped me at my house, after getting my bicycle out and coming down he bade me goodbye and left.
    I entered into the house and met my Aunt sitting on a couch and watching a soap opera on T.V, i greeted her and kissed her cheeks while she kissed my fore head.
    “Oh my Angel, How was work today? Hope it wasn’t too stressful? ” she asked kissing me.
    “Not really Aunt, work was superb” i said thinking about the ride i had with Adrian.
    “Oh dear, i made some chicken waffles, just go freshen up and come to the dinning” she Saïd
    “Ok Aunt, i’ll go now” i said as i disengaged from the hug and went to my room, after showering and dressing up in my night gown i went back to the sitting room to have dinner.
    After a quiet dinner i went back to my room and took out my drawing book, a pencil, eraser, sharpener and some colourings.
    I took out Adrian picture and started drawing his handsome face from my camera.
    I loved drawing right from my child hood, i had so many pictures and drawing of my Dad, Aunt and me. I never had my mom picture ‘cos i really didn’t get to see her.
    After drawing about five different pictures of him, i relaxed my head on a pillow as i admired his handsome face.
    The handsome face of my everyday crush.
    **fast forward*
    I walked to my seat in my class, i had a sandwich in my bag which i had planned to give to Adrian during break period.
    We had about 3 teachers before the bell went on for break, i went to the school restaurant with my lunchbox. While eating i saw Adrian passing to get something from a beef stand.
    I quickly stood up from my chair after covering my food properly i ran to him, he was with his friends and i could see he was in a hurry to call someone.
    I rushed over to him with the sandwich in my hand, when i was a little bit before him i screamed his name but he didn’t even look at me.
    “Adrian!!” I screamed louder.
    But he didn’t answer.
    I went to him and held his clothe tight preventing him from going further as i was panting heavily.
    “What the fuck are you” he asked angrily, i could see how red his eyes were i guess he was calling someone really important but the person went away to the washroom fast.
    “Umm.. its me, Mariel. Remember, we both met yesterday at the pro….”
    “Let go off me miss” he said angrily jerking my hand off his uniform.
    His friends were chuckling loud as he glared at me angrily.
    He was really furious.
    “Umm… sorry, i just wanted to give you this” i said stretching the sandwich toward him.
    He chuckled, but i could sense anger in his laugh.
    “What the heck is this dirty piece of trash, i don’t need it miss, please get out of my way” he said.
    Did he just call me dirty after after giving me a ride yesterday.
    Is he really trying to pretend that he doesn’t know me.
    “Adrian, its Mariel and this is a sandwich not a trash” i said.
    “Whatever” he said and started walking away but i ran to him and stood in his front as i gently took his hand and put the sandwich in it.
    “Just accept this and i’ll go, i bought this for you” i said.
    He threw the sandwich at my face angrily and i close my in shock preventing the sandwich from getting into my eyes.
    “Don’t you get it or are you just dumb, i can’t accept this dirty piece of trash from a disgusting pig now get out!!!!” He screamed furiously attracting the attention of students in the cafeteria, who were now watching us with so much attention.
    I couldn’t help the tears that poured out from my eyes eendlessly.
    “Ad..Adrian” i muttered.
    He just glared at me and pushed me away making me fall on my butt as he walked away with his friends, some students followed him too.
    I sat on the floor crying.
    How could i be so stupid?
    How could i even think Adrian will ever like a poor girl like me?
    Is it a crime to be poor?
    Is it my fault that my parents left me?
    It seems am a bad egg, i’m just a big shame.
    I used part of my monthly earn to get him this expensive sandwich and he just rejected it like it meant nothing to him.
    “I really hate him, i hate you Adrian, youre a big jerk, a pervert, an asshole, a jackass, i really hate you, you’re a two face monster” i cursed in gritted teeth.
    My tears kept on pouring out fast.
    Com’on Mariel, you’re a strong girl, you’re a fighter. You can overcome this.
    I stood up from the floor and cleaned my face with a hand towel.
    I went back to my seat at the cafeteria and packed my half finished food in my lunchbox, i had no aappetite to eat anymore.
    I gently went to the restroom and cried silently in my palm, i adjusted my clothes and cleaned my face and body properly, then went out of the restroom.
    I could see so many eyes on me when i came out from the restroom, they were all laughing at me but i ignored them and went to the class.
    I sat down on my chair and bent my head on my locker.
    I wont cry anymore, i’m a strong girl, i can fight back’ i thought.
    I felt water on my cheeks and they dropped to the ground.
    I was crying. I’m really weak right now and i can’t wait to go home.
    After minutes of boring lessons the bell went off and i quite ran home in my bicycle.

    How do you see Adrian now?

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