Pop Culture: One Of Africa Shares His American Dream in Brand New Single. [Read & Listen]

Pop Culture: One Of Africa Shares His American Dream in Brand New Single. [Read & Listen]

“One of Africa”, a name he goes by, telling his story bit by bit with every line and verse, chorus laced to the hooks with premium lyrics and content. Talented recording and performing artiste embraces his journey to become one after the heart of many, engaging and growing his audience while influencing his beliefs and story, he has been able to build his interest as the truth behind the mask.

American dreamer is a song about my life my beliefs my hopes and  aspirations for a life birth out of dreams of being a star #donedeal #push  – The rapper with the

Born and Raised In the South, his goals and interests have elevated in recent times not just to music but Entertainment in general having leveled up his skills and potentials. One Of Africa has been forefront in pushing his victories and stories untold to everyone willing to listen.

Having released a lot of single projects, One Of Africa sees no stop sign in his craft as he has just released yet another brand new single on Easter Day titled “American Dreamer”.

Inspired by his guts, his brand new single “American Dreamer” speaks towards his feelings to embrace opportunities, believing in whatever we can be.

With a calm soothing hook, a beautifully voiced chorus, One of Africa churns out his hearts in words and verses to birth a beautiful piece a lot would find peace with while listening to it especially if you are locked in embracing the beautiful calm weather, earphones plugged in.

“American Dreamer” is really a beautiful song and we absolutely can’t wait for you to have a listen of this piece.

ONEOFAFRICA | ReverbNation

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