PSquare’s Reaction To Journalist Who Looked Down On Wizkid

Renowned Nigerian Music Duo, Psquare, Has Spoken Out About A Past Incident Where A Journalist Looked Down On Wizkid, The Grammy-Winning Afrobeats Singer.

Renowned Nigerian music duo, PSquare, has spoken out about a past incident where a journalist looked down on Wizkid, the Grammy-winning Afrobeats singer.

In a recent episode of The 77 Podcast, the brothers talked about their experience as the first Nigerian artists to embark on global tours.

Peter and Paul stated that they have never been the kind of artists to look down on anyone, including up-and-coming artists. Peter recalled an incident from years ago when Wizkid was the opening act at one of their concerts, and the journalist at the press conference only focused on PSquare. Peter told the journalist that they should give Wizkid some coverage too because he is going to be the next superstar.

Peter explained, “We were never the type of artists that looked down on anybody. If you remember, there was a video that went viral where it was PSquare concert and Wizkid was opening for us. So they kept on interviewing only PSquare, and we were like, ‘okay, guys, hold on. What about him?’ They said… I said no, this guy is going to take over tomorrow.”

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Psquare Reveals They Knew Wizkid Would Be A Superstar, Despite Journalist'S Disregard
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