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Rage Fest – All You Need To Know [See Details]

    Rage Fest – All You Need To Know [See Details]

    Rage Fest | Critic Circle

    The theme, Rage Fest. While This does introduce your thoughts towards energy such as anger, strength, will, power, and so on, although it speaks just that, there is so much more to this theme as it introduces a whole new level of beauty and appreciation to fun and entertainment.

    Rage Fest - All You Need To Know [See Details]

    Rage Fest – All You Need To Know

    In the last couple of months, with the traction of a possible social entertaining growth in the City of Benin, it is near evident that you would have seen maybe once or twice, varieties of events, fest and so much more and as though we speak no ill of the awesomeness of these various events, this, however, seems to be very special as it leads to define the most phenomenal ground base to entertainment and value to creatives who over time has been able to define and even the odds in their path.

    Why is this special?
    Just as said, while the social entertainment sector has been a chase towards being better, this event might eventually contribute to the value of creatives and how amazing their effort has been over the years. From the walls of the University of Benin to the corners of the streets in Benin, these creatives have been socially open and diverse in enabling their environment with their works and projects and it is not just enough that we celebrate them but then listen and appreciate them.

    What is Rage Fest About?
    Rage Fest is an annual event focused in celebrating talents, entertainment and the essence of having the most fun. This year would headline the biggest talents from the city featuring music performances, dance off, hype challenge, bad mouth, networking, Nigerian vs Food, Comedy & Rage.

    Rage Fest - All You Need To Know [See Details]

    The Event, Rage Fest
    The Event Rage Fest scheduled to hold on the 3rd of September, 2021 at Tessy Event Place, Opposite Winners Chapel, Isihor, Sagamu Express Road, Benin City, would be headlined by Phenomenal Talents such Harry Carter, Milly K, and Corizo, Guest Appearances from Gentuu & Ayo The Creator and so much more.

    While there has been lots of interesting comments and interests towards these amazing events, it is not a piece of advice that you miss this for anything, being part of the revolution and a standard is only ideal.

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    Rage Fest - All You Need To Know [See Details]

    Tickets are already fast-selling and you can get yours simply by sending us a message on the WhatsApp icon below and don’t forget you can also be part of this by sharing and having your friends be aware of this amazing event in September 3rd.

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