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Rema Delivers Visuals For DND Off His Ravage EP [Watch New Visuals]

    Rema Delivers Visuals For DND Off His Ravage EP [Watch New Visuals]

    Rema Delivers Visuals For DND Off His Ravage EP

    Rema has revealed the captivating music video for “DND,” a featured track from his RAVAGE EP. Directed by the renowned Meji Alabi, the video depicts the superstar’s escape from arrest, plunging viewers into an exhilarating police pursuit.

    Rema — DND [Watch New Visuals]

    The narrative unfolds as Rema breaks free from confinement, setting the stage for an intense pursuit. The video incorporates infrared aerial perspectives, heightening the dramatic storyline. Amidst the adrenaline-pumping visuals, the superstar utilizes the “DND” track to address criticism, effectively silencing his detractors.

    The acronym “DND” stands for “Do Not Disturb,” with the lyrics reflecting his unwavering determination to block out negativity and concentrate on his musical journey. The artist asserts his dedication to the craft while dismissing the surrounding noise. Featured in the RAVAGE EP, “DND” showcases his musical versatility and willingness to explore diverse styles.

    Helmed by Meji Alabi, known for his visually striking and innovative music videos, the “DND” video adds a cinematic flair to his discography. Beyond its visual appeal, it also serves as a powerful statement from the superstar, reinforcing his resilience and determination to overcome challenges.

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    As one of Nigeria’s emerging stars, remy boy as he fondly called, consistently pushes creative boundaries, and “DND” stands as another testament to his artistic prowess.

    Watch Video Here – Watch DND By Rema

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