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Trivia Question: Share Your Break Up Story (Read Entries | Share Yours Too)

    Trivia Question: Share Your Break Up Story (Read Entries | Share Yours Too)

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    Break Up Stories - The Critic Circle (Trivia Questions)

    Daily with the The Critic Circle, we duly always find a way to have a swell time, learning the most about relationships and more from our audience (who in context are family to the brand willing to have us grow). 
    This week’s question goes thus, SHARE YOUR BREAK UP STORY, and as usual our fine audience let us in a sneak peak on their break up story, while some were sad, captivating, others were just hilarious and we couldn’t help but share. 

    Read Entries Below

    we dated for a year later guy became too busy for me no calls no texts whenever I scheduled for us to meet he’d come up with an excuse at the last minute so I decided I can’t be with someone that can’t spare a minute out of his busy schedule for me
    – Amarachi

    We having been dating fr 9months now but every time he will talk about his ex and he never knew he was hurting me. He doesn’t even call me he will always say he is busy that’s why he can’t call me and that’s how I decided to break up wit him I can’t b in a relationship wit someone who thinks I’m not important to him.
    – Daisy

    Na instagram post cast me oooo. My babe dey troll my page anyhow, so on one faithful Sunday I took the awesome shoots with this girl from my fellowship then posted it on IG. When my gf saw it her brain just sparked (Krim), stupid me I na tried to form strong head. From there no more sex from there she broke up with me.
    – KCee

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