ArkxD Drops His 11-Track Debut Project, ‘Failure Got Tired Of Me’ [Listen Now]

Talented Nigerian Hip Hop Artiste, Arkxd, Yearns to make a statement with his Debut Musical Project.

Arkxd Drops His 11-Track Debut Project, 'Failure Got Tired Of Me' [Listen Now]

Cold, Reserved, Smooth and Talented is most likely the most interesting best-modified description of the B- Side Music Creative and professional Hip Hop Artiste, Arkxd. Being Descriptive in his art and marvelling with his delivery, After multiple works and input spanning from 2017 – 2021, releasing (3) singles, the talented craftsman takes the lead as he unveils his debut music project, Failure Got Tired of Me (FGTM).

Arkxd Drops His 11-Track Debut Project, 'Failure Got Tired Of Me' [Listen Now]

The Project, Failure Got Tired of Me (FGTM), is an 11-track compilation, a modern and distinctive blending of lyrical rap and narrative, which outlines a period in his life vividly captured in the tape. It is a story about life, school, family, struggles, and high points.

Although a few songs off the debut project, such as ‘cannabis, working and let’s go’, were released some time ago, their presence on the mixtape brings more essence to its nature.

Initializing a blend of Hip Hop and other influencing culture-programmed fusions, Failure Got Tired of Me (FGTM) stands out remarkably in his input. And this can further be seen in the lead single, double back, which already has been rocking the airways and grafting attention from digital store platforms and social media trends.

Yet to listen to this project? Here’s an opportunity for you.

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Reaching New Heights, Carving his niche, delivering his piece and making his impact felt across the world has become one of the goals of Arkxd as he continues his journey to being heard.

Arkxd Drops His 11-Track Debut Project, 'Failure Got Tired Of Me' [Listen Now]

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Released – October 2022

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