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Being Familiar With ‘Valee YVE’ – The Music, Artistry & More [See Details]

    Being Familiar With ‘Valee YVE’ – The Music, Artistry & More [See Details]

    Valee YVE
    Valee YVE, The Music, Artistry and More | Critic Circle
    Valee YVE
    Valee YVE, The Music, Artistry and More

    Born Valentine Uzoma Ezeribe, Popularly known by his stage name, Valee YVE is a Singer, Songwriter, Afro Futuristic Fusion Recording and Performing Artiste.

    Born 19th December, into the family of 5, with an awesome talent, it has been an incredible means that his will of being a superstar is one yearning for the world’s attention. Starting from his early days in portharcourt where he first found his love for music drawn from his Dad’s compilations of CDs of TuFace, Tony Tetuilla and lots more.

    Valee YVE

    Being ingenious, Valee YVE has always been on the fore front with his decisive Instincts to be better, do better and more.

    Although having his shining moments when he first made his debut appearance with his high school performance, Valee YVE did not make it official until 2021 when he released his debut single “Scared Guy” and right before the mention of Jack, his presence and value rose quick as accolades and remarks increased daily in amazing pace and this picked on the interest of record label management, Sir Chizy Entertainment, SCENT.

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    Valee YVE

    There’s a lot more insights we are yet to discover and from the little details from our research, we definitely know Valee YVE is amazing and built for greatness.

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    Being Familiar With Valee YVE, The Music, Artistry and More

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