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Donald Ola’s Exclusive Interview – The Inspiring Journey Of Olahfamzy

    Donald Ola’s Exclusive Interview – The Inspiring Journey Of Olahfamzy

    From the confines of the Covid-19 lockdown to the thriving world of visuals, Donald Ola, Popularly known by the moniker, Olahfamzy shares his inspirations, challenges, and aspirations.

    In the vibrant streets of Benin City, Nigeria, where creativity pulsates through every corner, we sit down with the talented Donald Ola, widely most referred by the moniker, Olahfamzy – who at the point of working on this article is a student at the University of Benin.

    In this exclusive interview, we unravel the extraordinary journey of a freelance portrait, fashion, and event photographer, as well as a budding video director.

    From the confines of the Covid-19 lockdown to the thriving world of visuals, Donald shares his inspirations, challenges, and aspirations. Continue reading as we continue to take a dive into the captivating realm of a young creative force on the rise.

    Q: Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background and current pursuits?

    A: Hey, I’m Donald Ola, Popularly known as Olahfamzy, a freelance portrait, fashion, and event photographer, and video director currently navigating the bustling streets of Benin City. On top of that, I’m diving into the intricacies of industrial physics at the University of Benin.

    Q: How did your journey into photography and video directing begin?

    A: Picture this: 2020, Covid-19 lockdown, and me scrolling through Instagram, captivated by the work of Victor Zaviano. Little did I know, that was the spark. Fast forward to a mobile photography class by Blvck Avenue and Alexis TGM, and Bam!— photography became more than just scrolling through stunning images. My first professional camera in 2021 sealed the deal, and by January 2022, I officially went pro. Video directing? That’s the 2023 sequel, inspired by the phenomenal Blvck Avenue.

    Q: Who has influenced your passion for photography and video directing, and what drives your creative process?

    A: Victor Zaviano kicked off the passion, and Blvck Avenue fueled it. My creative process is simple—maximum customer satisfaction. I’m all about creating jaw-dropping images and videos that leave my clients saying, “Wow!”

    Q: What is your preferred niche, and how do you approach collaboration, especially with brands?

    A: Brands are my playground; that’s where I shine. Collaborations with them allow me to unleash my creativity fully. It’s not just about delivering; it’s about exceeding expectations in both photography and video projects.

    Q: Can you share a project that stood out to you and why?

    A: Ah, the “Last 10 Days Marathon”! Picture this: a brand new photograph every day. It went beyond my expectations and is a project that I still pat myself on the back for.

    Pictures From Last 10 days Marathon Below Can Be Seen Below

    Q: How has your experience as a model influenced your photography, and what lessons have you learned?

    A: Modeling taught me a thing or two about being in front of the lens. It’s a game-changer when you understand what models go through. Communication and collaboration — those are the magic words.

    Q: How do you navigate challenges in your creative journey, especially with clients?

    A: Challenges? They’re like the side quests in a video game. They make me better. Great customer relationships are my secret weapon.

    Q: Can you share any notable achievements or moments you’re grateful for in your creative career?

    A: Meeting and collaborating with people I once looked up to—it’s like a full-circle moment. Gratitude is an understatement.

    Q: Who are your main influences in photography and video directing?

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    A: Blvck Avenue takes the top spot, followed closely by Zaviano and a few others. Their styles shape my own unique approach.

    Q: How do you manage your time juggling being a full-time student, a photographer, and a video director?

    A: Balancing acts? I make it look easy. Prioritize what pays first—that’s the secret sauce.

    Q: Have you explored other areas of the creative industry, and how has it enriched your perspective?

    A: Oh, absolutely! Insights from other creative realms? It’s like having multiple cheat codes. It places me ahead in the game.

    Q: What advice do you have for aspiring creatives?

    A: Simple—anything is possible. Put your mind to it, work towards it, and remember to keep God in the mix.

    Q: How has working with other creatives shaped your journey, and what can we expect from you in the future?

    A: Working with other creatives is the secret sauce. “Director Famzy” in video directing and more breathtaking images in upcoming photography projects. The B-Side creative industry? Get ready; we’re taking over.

    As we wrap up our chat with the dynamic Donald Ola, one thing becomes abundantly clear — his journey is a testament to the untapped creativity bubbling in Benin City. Expect more surprises, collaborations with brands, and a promise that the best is yet to come.

    Follow and keep up with Olahfamzy on Instagram via the handle – @Olahfamzy

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