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Erotic: My Master – Download PDF

    Erotic: My Master – Download PDF

    Erotic: My Master - Download PDF

    MY MASTER – If you a Lover of Erotic Short Stories, Then you should Love this.

    Extract From The Story

    I walked my way into the room. It was a simple hotel room but could tell experience. I turned around to him standing right behind me. It was kinda creepy but I knew what I was there for and so did he. He didn’t waste any time and grabbed my face shoving his tongue in to my mouth.

    I just kissed him back running my tongue along his he was being a little rough but it was actually turning me on. I felt his hands reach around start grabbing my ass really hard pulling me close into him hard. I wrapped my arms around his waist as he walked me backwards to the edge of the bed.

    Feeling his rough big hands start going up the front of my skirt running them over the top of my pussy feeling myself already starting to get wet. He stopped kissing me and dropped down to his knees in front of me. He slide down my skirt then my black thong I had on.

    He looked at my pussy starting to drip and started to lick his lips. He forced his face into my pussy lips starting to eat me out roughly feeling his tongue run up and down my lips inside of me. I just put my hands on the top of his head and started moaning that it did feel good.

    I could my orgasm coming as I could feel my legs start to shake and push the back of his head into my wet pussy. I pulled the back of his hair as I started to cum all over his face. I was breathing heavy trying to catch my breath as he looked up at me.
    Him: Did you enjoy it?
    Me: Yes

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