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New Story: Secret Crush – Episode 1 [Read Details]

    New Story: Secret Crush – Episode 1 [Read Details]

    New Story: Secret Crush - Episode 1 [Read Details]
    Secret Crush – Episode 1 [Read Details]
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    I walked along the narrow lane in joy, i’ve never been to a school as big as this in my entire life.
    Westbrook high was one of the biggest school in New York, i wasn’t the type that attended classical schools because of the huge money they collect.
    I passed a corner and i saw beautiful drawings and paintings, i quickly removed my backpack from my back, brought out my digital camera and started snapping the beautiful arts on the painted walls.
    The digital camera was a gift i got from my dad when i was 12 years and i made sure i mainted it perfectly well.
    I was so engrossed in the picture taking and i mistakenly hit a wall and my camera fell, i rubbed my head as i faced up to look at the soft wall i hit but…
    Oh my, i didn’t hit a wall, it was a guy, he looked at me and i could see anger clearly in those cute eyes of his.
    Gosh.. he was so cute, his brown eyes shone so brightly, his hair was a black b….
    “Hey miss can you get off me please” he said.
    Then i remembered he was holding me like a baby preventing me from falling further, i smiled.
    “Umm… i’m so sorry, i was taking some…”
    “Whatever miss, here” he interrupted me and handed me my digital camera, i took it from him as he adjusted his fitted uniform and walked away.
    He smell so nice, his perfume was really smelling damn nice.

    Oh Mariel, you’re a dimwit, getting into trouble at your first day in a new school.
    I checked my camera, it wasn’t damaged much so i put it back in my backpack and headed to the registration centre. I’ll take those lovely pictures later.

    I followed the man who later introduced himself as Mr Derek to my new class as we walked through the beautiful surroundings decorated with flowers and beautiful paintings.
    We finally arrived at a door and we both walked into it as the whole student stared at me.
    Some were whispering to eachother while some were giggling.
    I could see so many pretty girls in the class, much more prettier than i am.
    “We have a newbie in our midst today and her name is Mariel Cornwell. I want you guys to make her very relaxed and comfortable” Mr Derek said and the whole class nodded or maybe some.
    “Mariel, you can sit over there” Mr Derek said and pointed a locker to me. I looked at my sitting partner and he was….
    He was the guy i met earlier, do you remember him?
    He looked at me sternly as i trembled.

    ” My crush” my heart screamed at me and i could see students looking at me, some were laughing and some were looking at me foolishly, that was when i realised i had said my crush really loud and they were all laughing at me, Mr Derek was confused.
    “Who is your CRUSH” Mr Derek asked confused.
    Very good Mariel, bravo, you’ve gotten so many enemies at your new school on your first day.

    I’m really screwed.

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    Question: How do you see this chapter and what do you think about Mariel??

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