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2022 ‧ Drama/Family film ‧ 1h 54m


In the movie, Gigi and Nate A young man’s life gets turned upside down when he suffers a near-fatal illness and is left a quadriplegic. Moving forward seems nearly impossible — until he gets an unlikely service animal named Gigi, a curious and intelligent capuchin monkey. Although it’s trained to assist Nate with his basic needs, Gigi gives him what he needs most of all — hope.

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Gigi and Nate(2022)
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Gigi And Nate

In The Movie, Gigi And Nate - A Young Man'S Life Gets Turned Upside Down When He Suffers A Near-Fatal Illness And Is Left A Quadriplegic. Moving Forward Seems Nearly Impossible -- Until He Gets An Unlikely Service Animal Named Gigi, A Curious And Intelligent Capuchin Monkey. Although It'S Trained To Assist Nate With His Basic Needs, Gigi Gives Him What He Needs Most Of All -- Hope.

Source – Nkiri

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