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Kozykid On The Radar – The Music and More [See Details]

    Kozykid On The Radar – The Music and More [See Details]

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    Being Familiar with Kozykid - Music, Artistry and More
    Kozykid On The Radar – The Music and More

    The reach of every talented individual out there is to get heard, loved, respected, valued, being at the very top of their goals, living their dreams. These are no different for this amazing talent popularly referred to as Kozykid, whose chapter of being the icon he has always been kicked off a while ago and has been on the radar for quite a good time.

    Likewise, like everyone, he is no different as he also has a beautiful story that gives him the credence and texture to his artistry and talent. Possessing an excelling interest in our spotlight, we could hold not a bit but share every information that makes the man, Kozykid, the amazing superstar you would want to listen to.

    Who is kozykid?

    Who is kozykid - Music, Artistry and More

    Born Daniel Ogwu Chukura, known professionally as Kozykid is a Nigerian Afro-pop singer, songwriter, and record producer.

    Born in Warri, Delta State, into a Christian family with two younger siblings, Kozykid has always been given the art to lead. Although he attained his primary school and secondary school education in Asaba, Delta state, His exposure to art was always around him, and at 13 Kozykid began writing music and went to record his first song at age 14.

    Being equipped with the ability to master and being better. definite and proud of his skillset. Growing up He has always had the passion to do music and he has kept on pushing towards that goal, seeing the talent in himself and exploiting it to being the next big thing.

    Kozykid who was formerly known as Drizzy kicked off his musical career officially with the release of his debut single titled, anything in 2017, with quite a marveling acceptance and applauds from music listeners, he went on to release “UP” later that year.


    In 2018 he released two other singles ‘Maradona’ and ‘Jeje’ which pushed him to go further and followed up with his next single “Pull up” in 2019.

    Alongside his journey to being a superstar, Kozykid also went by the name Drizzyofdelta from 2019-2020, where he released his EP in 2020 Titled KOSH.

    While there is to say about the amazing superstar, we might also see the need to leave a thin line and summarize, so at this point, if you ask us, who is KozyKid? We would say, That’s one Amazing Talent, the world is lucky to have at this time.

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