DJs Are More Organized Than The Hype Men – Abayomi Diamond [See Details]

Everyone has their eyes on the most cunning and exciting things happening around them.

Most often than not when we find something, not in line, most of us are meant to speak and today is just one of those days as Popular Hype man, MC, and Entertainer, Abayomi Diamond shares his disgust to how Indiscipline the most of the Hype men are.

Abayomi DIamond | Critic Circle

The Entertainer took to his social today, sharing his thoughts and nuggets on the situation of how indisciplined the hype men are when compared to the DJs. And in his words, as seen below

I think the DJs are more organized than the hypemen😒

For instance, when DJ who came to an event as a normal guest sees the official DJ playing the gig, he goes to meet him, exchange pleasantries and leave.

But you see hype men ehn 🙄, you come to an event uninvited, next thing you are going to drag mic with the official hypeman.

That’s pure indiscipline, pls let it stop

Abayomi Diamond

DJs Are More Organized Than The Hype Men - Abayomi Diamond [See Details]
Do you think he is right?

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