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MiLes Ethereal Unveils New Project, Troubled [Listen Now]

    MiLes Ethereal Unveils New Project, Troubled [Listen Now]

    In a symphony of vulnerability and artistry, Nigerian hip-hop prodigy MiLes Ethereal invites the world to immerse itself in the transformative experience of his latest sonic masterpiece — “Troubled,” the EP.

    MiLes Ethereal Unveils New Project, Troubled [Listen Now]

    With an alchemical ability to transmute personal strife into musical gold, Miles Ethereal beckons listeners on a soul-stirring odyssey where authenticity converges with raw emotion.

    In an exclusive conversation, MiLes Ethereal said, “Music is the heartbeat of my existence, and ‘Troubled’ is a raw, unfiltered expression of my current state of mind.”

    Scored as the fourth gem in his creative run, following revered projects such as “MAP,” “Eth3,” and “AMBulance,” “Troubled” is perceived as a mesmerizing tapestry woven with threads of vulnerability and authenticity. Momentarily acclaimed as not just an EP with tracks, it is a testament to MiLes Ethereal’s artistic skill.

    With each single meticulously mixed by King Koka, the EP features four evocative singles:

    1. Ónwu (Produced by Map)

    2. Bia featuring 4T7 & Eighty (Produced by Globe Saucer)

    3. N’Sogbuadi ft Kofi Riidmm (Produced by THE ROSH)

    4. Lost Homies (Produced by Nehzia)

    Detailing consciousness of his profound growth, MiLes Ethereal’s journey unfolds like a riveting novel, beginning in 2021 with arresting singles — “Cop” and “lOrDknOwz.” These early expressions hinted at a flourishing talent, laying the foundation for what would unfold in the subsequent years.

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    The crescendo of his artistry reached its first apex in 2021 with the release of the “MAP” EP. This collection showcased MiLes Ethereal’s versatility and hinted at a deeper connection between his lyrics and the emotional spectrum that fuels his creativity.

    In the subsequent years, we witnessed a narrative rich in collaboration and introspection. “LovEu” in 2022 marked a nuanced exploration of love, setting the stage for the introspective “Eth3” EP. “02 Freestyle” and the “AMBulance” EP, which featured a collaborative effort from Mr. Laycee, added layers to the multifaceted artist’s persona.

    2023 unfolded with introspective singles — “The Man” and the magnetic collaboration “Trapstar,” featuring Black Rose, El J£F£, & God’s Stunna. These served as preludes to the main event and year-end gift — the unveiling of MiLes Ethereal’s latest masterpiece, the “Troubled” EP.

    Bearing witness to the success of past projects, with “MAP” amassing over 200,000 streams and “ETH3” exceeding 300,000 streams, “Troubled” is poised to be a magnum opus that transcends boundaries. As MiLes Ethereal articulates, “My inspiration takes the lead from my connection with the world and how I feel.”

    “Troubled” is not merely an EP but a testament to MiLes Ethereal’s resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to authentically narrate his story through music.

    Listen Here – Troubled By MiLes Ethereal

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