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My whole life is a story, Vidarr bears it all on VSD, Virtual sit-down [Read Details]

    My whole life is a story, Vidarr bears it all on VSD, Virtual sit-down [Read Details]


    Gearing for the release of his second project in the space of 5 months, i sit with Vidarr to discuss life before the music, the music, and life after the music

    Vidarr - Music,

    Momoh Oshiotseameh Luke better known by his stage name Vidarr is an artiste/songwriter/part time dancer and self acclaimed Vibe Machine.

    Born in Jattu, Edo state. A separation between his parents and the remarriage of his mom would lead to Vidarr having to leave jattu for Lagos where he would reside with his mom and stepdad.

    Vidarr likens his Growing up to the present lockdown situation in many countries right now owing to the Covid-19 pandemic… Only in his case the Pandemic was him being from a rich home, living in a Gated estate and was thus not afforded the luxury of going out or even making friends.

    My whole life is a story” Vidarr says to me as he recounts a never before heard story about a time in his life when he was crippled. He wasn’t born a cripple but he woke up one day to find he couldn’t use his legs anymore and this would continue for two more years. The miracle to how he finally got use of his legs again is something for the movies and churches. His mother had just come home and everyone was running over to go say hi to her. He was left behind just crawling to go meet her and for some reason he decided to get up and walk to her and to the shock of everyone he did!. He describes the scenes that day as celebratory with a hint of relief noticeable in his voice.

    In between smiles and a little distraction here and there i quickly bring back attention to discussing the music and ask him how his interest in music was birthed.

    Stretching his words and simultaneously trying to think up a correct answer, he says “I’ve been interested in music sinceee. I can’t even remember maybe since i was born“. He goes on to explain that his grandmother and birth mother’s interest in the music of boybands like Westlife and Backstreet boys highly influenced his early interest in music. He also credits the once popular TV broadcast ‘Music Africa’

    From his younger days for influencing his interest in music.

    At this point it’s probably not news to many reading this that Vidarr has a new project in the works set for release in a few days from now. Aware that Vidarr’s last offering was just last year December, i enquire to know why he is following up the last project which was an Extended Play (EP) with another Extended Play just 5 months after the last one.

    Vidarr gets a little reflective and answers “Well, to be truthful I’ve not even started yet”. He explains that while many may feel like he’s being in the industry for quite a while, he’s mostly spent it being a studio rat and not actually putting out content. He says Project Freestyles was just something he put out to test the waters having spent a lot of time behind the scenes, tweeking and fine tuning his sound.

    Vidarr - Music, Vibes, Palm Trees and Chill

    The follow up project ‘ Vibes, Palm trees and Chill ‘ is just something for his audience to listen to and enjoy while he preps for the release of a bigger and more serious project which he really hopes to do big things with.

    He also mentions it’s an opportunity for him to showcase the talents of members of his team (Tony edge and Ceno Black) and also offer them the chance of tapping into his fanbase.

    The name Tony edge rings a bell as he’s been ever present in almost everything that has to do with the artiste Vidarr with many of the Production credits going to him.

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    Curious about how exactly this relationship was formed, i asked vidarr for some insights.

    Fpaq travelled for business and had to be replaced in came Tony and at first i didn’t like him cause his face was too strong“. Vidarr narrates that after making deliberate and conscious efforts to get closer to Tony he walks into the studio one day and finds Tony producing an instrumental which ended up being the instrumental for his viral hit ‘Officer’ off his last project. Amazed by the skill he and talent right in front of him, he worked on building a more stable relationship with this producer and Vidarr tells me many of the events that led and gave an opportunity for this bond to grow are not really fancy, milk and honey situations.

    Through out the course of the interview, Vidarr doesn’t miss an opportunity to give thanks and reverence to God whilst also praising his Grandmother for raising him right. Sticking with praying and running about looking for solutions all through his crippled days. He also regrets her passing and says he wished she lived longer so he could have felt him express his gratitude towards her.

    Looking into the Future, Vidarr seems a man with a plan, goals and a bowl of faith. The world is for the taking and take he shall.

    Vidarr - Music,

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