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Olague Aisosa Jeff “Blvck Avenue” On The Spotlight [See Details]

    Olague Aisosa Jeff “Blvck Avenue” On The Spotlight [See Details]

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    Olague Aisosa Jeff "Blvck Avenue" On The Spotlight [See Details]
    Olague Aisosa Jeff “Blvck Avenue” On The Spotlight, Talks Being A Content Creator, Photography and More

    The Creative Space has always been saturated with talented individuals who cry out their contents from behind the spotlight. Dedicated to their will to do and be extraordinaire in their craft, they put in immense work to improve, define and master their works in delivery and more.

    Today, In the world of creatives we decided to have the spotlight on one of the most incredible talents from Nigeria, Olague Aisosa Jeff, The Creative Director, Photographer who has immensely contributed to the network of the creative space. While we were amazed by the dazzling nature of his works, we had a conversation where he shared the lots and few about him and his leads so far and this is how it went

    We started off with a brief introduction which was needed, cause, of course, reading this you would want to know right,

    Who is Olague Aisosa Jeff?

    and he goes, My name is Olague Aisosa Jeff. I am a portrait, fashion, and event photographer currently based in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. I’m a final year student at the University of Benin where I’m studying Computer Science and I am the creative director at Blvck Avenue.

    Quickly intrigued by the name, Blvck Avenue, The Niche at which he works, we asked for more information about this unique brand and he said
    “Blvck Avenue is at the moment, a photography brand aimed at creating beautiful images and timeless pieces for people. In all we do, we always strive for customer satisfaction. Alongside photography, I direct music videos and I like working with artists and professional models.”

    He also added saying,
    Blvck Avenue was initially meant to be a clothing brand. The name originated five years ago from a group of youngsters who had a vision. We were four; Tunde, Orode, Alexis, and myself. Practical steps were taken to establish the brand. We had Blvck Avenue tags and over five hundred cloth designs but unfortunately, our hard drive crashed. Lack of funds actually killed the vision but the name stuck. Despite the loss, I have plans to reestablish the clothing brand in the future where it would be a segment under the Blvck Avenue brand.

    With a proper understanding knowing who this fine talent is and what he does, we were inquisitive about his journey so far, how did he get to this point, we asked and he jumped in saying…
    Olague Aisosa Jeff "Blvck Avenue" On The Spotlight [See Details]

    I started photography professionally in September 2020. With the help of my dad, I got my first DSLR camera, August 2020 but I had just the camera body and no lens. Every morning when I wake up, I would always stare at the camera body knowing that I cannot do anything with it without the lens. “Omo, it was not easy”. After three weeks of suffering (Lol), I finally got a 35mm lens. That was when photography started for me. Right now, I’m still a work in progress and my dream is to be among the world’s best photographers with my images splashed on billboards and magazines.

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    With a dream as valid as his, there is absolutely no reason to wish him the very best but while there is that, there is also much that could have happened already, so on his accomplishment so far, he said

    Accomplishments? From my own perspective, I won’t say I have really accomplished anything but I have done some projects in the past to improve myself. I did a 30 days photography challenge in November 2020. I made sure I created an image edit and put them out there every day. I fell seriously sick during the project, but that didn’t deter me from completing the project. The images created from this project are on my Instagram page. I am currently working on a project titled “Color Blind”. This project is very dear to me. My aim is to show people the beauty of monochromatic colors from my own perspective. On my Instagram page, I have posted Brown, Purple, Green, and Red from this “Color Bind” series and I’m still working on the other colors. Although I’ve not really accomplished the things I want, I know that I’m not in the same place I started last year. There’s been some growth and as I stated earlier, I’m a work in progress. God and my family and friends play3d a major role in how far I’ve come and I’m grateful for this.

    Attached Below are Shots Taken by Olague Aisosa Jeff “Blvck Avenue”

    So much being enlightened by his remarkable talent, will and growth, we are super proud of what the future has in stock for this amazing talent.

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