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Pheelz Good By Pheelz – The Review & Break Down

    Pheelz Good By Pheelz – The Review & Break Down

    Pheelz Good feels different. Music is different when it comes from the depth of the soul. With Pheelz, you can feel it.
    Pheelz Good By Pheelz - The Review & Break Down

    Pheelz Good feels different. Music is different when it comes from the depth of the soul. With Pheelz, you can feel it.

    While you may think the music is enough and has given its all, it gets better as you read through the breakdown and inspiration behind the beautiful songs in the debut project EP, Pheelz Good, which features Davido and BNXN fka BUJU.

    The 8-track project takes a deep interest in the emotions felt and laid out in melodies, intending to satisfy our cravings and tastes as music lovers and listeners. Since it was released, Pheelz Good has found its way to my playlist. Not only has Pheelz churned out multiple hits in previous years as a producer, but his ethics in possessing such will as an artiste are ones we applaud.

    “What this project has shown me is that it is okay to feel all these emotions and that my feelings are valid,” Pheelz shares with Apple Music. “It’s a project for the lover, for the bad guy on the streets trying to freshen up and look fly, and also for the reserved introvert that wants to chill and listen to good music at the club. It caters to everybody and every single emotion because I feel like people have felt these emotions one way or the other over the years. I think people will see a little bit of themselves in the songs and vibe with it.”

    He shared these thoughts and more with Apple Music. So the question we pose to you, the reader, is: do you resonate with the emotions as he stated? Well, we’ll leave you to that.

    If you haven’t yet listened to this beautiful project, please take the route that best interests you and hit the play button.

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    Giving a breakdown, on inspirations, and stories behind these singles, Pheelz shared the following with Apple Music.


    “It’s crazy because I actually had ‘Ballin’ before the Hear Me Out EP was recorded and produced, and that was before the lockdown. It’s a song that feels like one of those prophetic tracks for me because, when I recorded ‘Ballin’, I wasn’t balling. I was just trying to check out my situation at that time, and manifest better times through sounds and vibrations. It’s a song for the unbelievers and people that don’t really see what I see in myself, as well as those people that are forcing me to be otherwise. I’m telling them, ‘I have this under control and I’m going to ball on you when the time is right.’ I also produced the song.”

    Critic Circle Review – Honestly, we love how outright he jumped into this and knowing what this song stands for to him helps increases the depth of how much we cherish this song and we hope you feel the same way cause of course, we need to be balling on them!

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    “Stand by You”

    “‘Stand by You’ was produced and written by me as well. With ‘Stand by You’, I felt like I had people in my life that I needed to appreciate with the lyrics. All through my life, I’ve been a product of people standing by me and looking out for me. So one time, I had an epiphany that I needed to write a song that explains that to myself and something that people can use to appreciate their loved ones, and stand by them as well. It’s a song that speaks about undying love. It’s not limited to romantic love; it’s about love in its true essence. So I’m saying, ‘I know you’ve got me, but I’ve got you as well and I’m going to stand by you regardless of what we go through. So whatever we go through, you’ve got me.’”

    Critic Circle Review – Must be the lyrics or maybe the soothing feeling of surety from the voices indepth, but this is perfection, if however anyone needed a definition. It is relaxing, easy, smooth, carefree and careless at the same time, there is so many emotions around the beauty of this gem and perfection, as earlier mentioned cannot be understated.

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    “Pheelz Like Summer”

    “It was produced by Miichkel and me, he’s the same producer who produced ‘Finesse’. I feel like ‘Pheelz Like Summer’ is Part B for ‘Stand by You’. I felt like I wasn’t done talking about love yet, and being a lover boy on the EP. [This] is that butterfly-in-my-belly type of song where you are just head over heels for a girl, and she breaks down all your walls. When she’s around, it just feels like summer and everything is bright, beautiful and great.”

    Critic Circle Review – This absolutely has a more rekindling feeling especially if you grew up listening to the classic song ‘All My Life’ by K-Ci & JoJo. The Perfect Blend and Delivery would definitely make you call it home.

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    Reference – ‘All My Life’ by K-Ci & JoJo.

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    “Electricity” [Pheelz & Davido]

    “That’s a golden vibe for sure and the craziest thing is, we recorded ‘Electricity’ in 2021. We finished the whole song in 2021, and it was supposed to be the first single out in 2022 but then ‘Finesse’ happened, and I had to pause and wait for it to run its course. But shout out to Davido. I wrote this song in a very dark place, and I was searching for light, and I was just going through a dark experience in my life. That’s why there’s a line there that says, ‘I see darkness around me but I know I’m the light’ and another says, ‘Life is not that deep/It’s all about the energy.’ Those were the lines that I was thinking about when I was down and in the dark, and just low on energy and vibrations. It’s a deep, sad song, but it is happy at the same time so it balances out.”

    Critic Circle Review – Come on, you know how it feels when this song comes on, Do we have to go into telling you anything about it? We know you go nuts when you hear it, and i mean SHAKE IT!

    However, knowing this song was a product from being in a dark place helps us understand how much and why we all connected to it so easily. I mean, around us, i see all positivity and light but that don’t mean we don’t have our dark days, its great that we don’t always have to give it so much power or acknowledge it.

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    “Finesse” [Pheelz & BNXN fka Buju]

    “‘Finesse’ was produced by Miichkel and I. It is about getting into that headspace of being a baller and just wanting to finesse things. Like I was explaining, it’s one of the emotions on the EP. It’s just being a bad guy, wanting to go to the club, pop bottles and have a good time with a folake [girl] for the night. ‘Finesse’ is just highlighting that lifestyle and that mood. I had recorded the song and finished it, so I posted a snippet of it that day and, by the next day, it was a hit all over social media. Two days later, BNXN fka Buju hit me up in the DMs and he was like, ‘Yo, is this just a TikTok sound or is it an actual song recorded?’ I told him that it was my record and asked if he wanted to jump on it, he was like, ‘Hell yeah. Let’s link up.’ So, I took out my first verse and made the second verse the first verse and put BNXN on the second verse. That’s how ‘Finesse’ happened.”

    Critic Circle Review – FINESS IS FINESS.

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    “Pablo Escobar”

    “‘Pablo Escobar’ was produced by me as well. It was inspired by my dad. He has this gift of dreams and seeing visions, and throughout my life, he has seen a couple of visions about my life, but there’s one that always stands out for me. It’s the one where he said that other people are riding on horses, donkeys, lions and other types of animals but he sees me on an elephant. He says that means two things—the first, that it might take me longer to get where I need to get, because I’m taking one giant step after the other. It also means that whenever I get to where I need to be, the world shakes. There’s a line in the song that says, ‘These are the signs foretold by my papa/Say when the elephant steps in, it’s over/Pablo Escobar.’ The whole song came from those three lines, then I just built the song around them, and the beat around the music.”

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    “Emi Laye Mi”

    “It’s a song about self-respect, self-appreciation and self-love. It’s basically just about knowing your worth. It talks about how people are often going to try to talk down on who you are and what you’re about but you having to be assured about your identity and your journey. People will be able to relate to it, because sometimes life puts you in a place where situations are not ideal, or what you want them to be. But you just need to be brave and secure in who you are. It’s also one of my favourite songs on the project and I’m really proud of it.”

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    “‘Ewele’ is a sneaky song. As an artist, there are some people that inspire you to create some kind of art. I feel like there are certain people in my life who I wouldn’t want to mention, who inspired ‘Ewele’. There are experiences in my life as well that inspire ‘Ewele’. I just felt the need to put it all into a song. Back when I used to live in Bariga, it was slang that we used to say [for] ‘my guy’. The whole hook just says that whatever discussion I’m going to have with my guy is going to be based on the street level. The song describes my experience of being inspired by the street and remembering where I’m coming from.”

    Critic Circle Review – This absolutely has a more rekindling feeling especially if you grew up listening to the classic song ‘All My Life’ by K-Ci & JoJo. The Perfect Blend and Delivery would definitely make you call it home.

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    We hope you enjoyed this piece as much as we wanted you to. Kindly point us to more music you would love us to lay a review on.

    Don’t Forget to follow Pheelz on his social media page (@Pheelzmrproducer) and stay tuned to @TheCriticCircle For More Content Like This

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